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“I Only Rest When I’m Menstruating”- How Prison Guards In Mozambique Force Female Prisoners Into Prostitution

Female prisoners in Mozambique forced into prostitution

This is a case of passing through hell while in hell. An investigation is ongoing to probe the truth behind a s3x racket happening in a female prison in Mozambique.

An anti-corruption organisation, the Centre for Public Integrity (CIP), has revealed that female prisoners are treated like prostitutes by guards at a women’s prison in Mozambique. The organisation said that for years, guards from the Ndlavela Women’s Penitentiary in the capital, Maputo, had taken female inmates forced into prostitution, to nearby guest houses where the “inmates are treated as a commodity and have a price.”

According to CIP, prison guards negotiate in advance how much clients (usually wealthy people) will pay and for how long. The guards can receive around 40 to 400 euros (48 to 484 dollars) for each prisoner delivered, the organisation says.

Investigators of CIP who pretended to be clients interested in buying prisoners for s3x found that though it is usual for prisoners to leave at night and on weekends or holidays, some can even be taken out in broad daylight and in the middle of the week.

For about six months, the investigative undercover journalists were able to speak with the inmates who said they were forced to have s3x several times a week. “I go out two or three times a week … I only rest when I am menstruating,” a victim said. Women prisoners who refused to engage in the practice were beaten or punished. Others were rap£d by jailers, with many ending up at the hospital, the report says.

CIP director Edson Cortez told AFP that the s3xual exploitation has been going for more than a decade. “This is not something isolated. It is a scheme that has lasted for at least 10 years, according to the testimonies of the inmates and former inmates,” he said. The investigative undercover journalists also spoke to current and former inmates who said they were forced to have s3x several times a week. “It was like a formal business happening in jail, we do not understand how the board of the jail, the commanders could not notice that there is something very strange happening,” he told the BBC’s Newsday programme.


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