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“I must be in a Luxury Hotel Room?” Ogogoro Man Rests on Fresh Grave in Cemetery after Getting Heavily Intoxicated


Sandikonda on a freshly erected grave (Pix

Apparently thinking he is in a room in the best hotel in town, a Zimbabwean man from Mvurwi, a town situated in Mazowe, Mashonaland Central, was found relaxing on a grave after getting intoxicated with locally brewed drink known as ‘Kachasu’. The drink is similar to Ogogoro in Nigeria.

Unknown to the man who was identified as Sandikonda, he had strayed into a cemetery and was sleeping on top of a freshly erected grave w

Sandikonda’s friend trying to make him more comfortable on the grave to have a good rest

hen his friends saw him and attempted to revive him.

When attempts failed, reported that his friends then took his picture to remind him of the most embarrassing day of his life after which they then made him comfortable on the grave so he can have a good rest.

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