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”I just could not let this wonderful woman leave my life”- actor Yul Edochie speaks on why he picked a second wife (video)

Whether it is Yul Edochie that is deliberately using this his second-wife issue to trend or he is under pressure to explain why he chose polygamy, no one knows but the fact is that this video he made on the same matter has gone viral again.

Nollywood actor, Yul Edochie, has given reasons he picked actress Judy Moghalu as a second wife.

Recall that in April, Yul shocked Nigerians when he announced he had taken Judy as a second wife and that they had welcomed a son together.

His post on social media got many people talking including his first wife, May who took to the comment section and wrote: “May God judge you both.”

However, in a nine minutes video titled: ‘Why I married a second wife,’ and posted via his Instagram handle, Yul said he married Judy as a second wife because he could not let her go after the impact she has had on his life. According to him, he was previously of the school of thought that no man can love two women at the same time until he fell into the same circumstance and found out that it is possible.

He said;

“I decided to say why today. I used to hear from so many people that a man cannot love two women at the same time. I have heard it a couple of times that a man cannot love two women at the same time. I am one of those people who believed it before. I know alot of people believe it as well that a man cannot love two women. I used to believe it as well until it happened to me. I realized that never say never.

No matter how old you are in this world, we are all young. We are still learning. Things can happen and you learn from certain things.

Speaking further, he said

”At this stage in my life, I think it is possible for a man to actually love two women because two women can be in your life and they bring two different things to the table. They reason in different ways, they contribute differently to your life and you just realise that is just the way it is.

“Someone can’t come into your life and the person makes so much impact in your life and you just don’t want to let this person go and can’t let this person go. Of course, a lot of people would say, as a married man, why did you allow another woman to come into your life. Yes we can say it is wrong, I take the blame for that but  these things happen. Let’s be honest.

It happened to me. I realized I just could not let this wonderful woman leave my life.

Make no mistakes about it. These are very wonderful women in their own rights. They bring different things to the table. Yes you can actually love two women at the same time.”


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