Wednesday , November 30 2022

I Had 19 Kids With 10 Women But Didn’t Marry Them – Man Brags

A former chief finance officer has denied claims by his late wife’s family that he married 10 wives and then separated with their sister for 17 years.

The man, James Matele Weindaba and the family of the late Beatrice Nyongesa, have been embroiled in a court battle over who has the right to bury her.

Beatrice, who was a lecturer at Kitale National Polytechnic, succumbed to breast cancer in Nairobi on March 15, 2018. She was married to James for three years and were blessed with three children, two of them twins.

Their children were aged 23 and 21 years. The family of Beatrice told the court that James had no right to bury their daughter since he married 10 other women with whom he sired 18 children.

They claimed that he had also not fully paid the bride price and had only given four cows, a sheep and Sh1,000.

“What he gave us was not bride price but a gift,” Silvester Wabusya told the court. “He cannot claim to have the right to bury my sister since they had separated for 17 years. He even doesn’t know when his elder son was circumcised.”

James told the court he actually sired 19 children with 10 women, but did not marry them as claimed by his in-laws.


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