I Got Shot Twice, Rapper Claims, But Fans Suspect He Did It To Go Viral (Graphic Video)

American rapper, John Robert Hill, with the stage name, Boonk Gang, who posted graphic video of gun shots wounds in his leg is getting the wrong response from fans as many of them  believe he did it to go viral.

Some even suggest he shot himself to grow in fame despite the serious nature of the wounds.

The rapper had posted a video of himself on his hospital bed, as he ostensibly recuperated from the alleged attack.

He later tweeted about the alleged incident, with a photograph of himself on crutches.

Boonk Gang had shocked his subscribers by live-streaming from his car after being allegedly shot twice in the upper leg.

The graphic instagram video shows him going to the hospital and displaying his bloodstained jeans.

Boonk Gang later tweeted himself outside the hospital on crutches stating that he was getting better and “n**gas get shot everyday. ”

Though a number of instagram and tweeter followers blasted him for allegedly carrying out the stunt for fame, many others expressed sympathy with the rapper, wishing him quick recovery.




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  1. Get well soon Boonk Gang

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