Tuesday , August 16 2022

I don’t care who your pastor is, you must be stupid to think 5G causes COVID-19 – Bisi Alimi reacts after Pastor Chris Oyakhilome linked Coronavirus and 5G network to Antichrist

Nigerian gay rights activist, Bisi Alimi has reacted to the controversy surrounding the 5G network and the Coronavirus pandemic.

While some prominent Nigerians have opined that the 5G mobile network is the cause of the coronavirus outbreak, Bisi is of a different opinion as he says there is no known link between the coronavirus and 5G technology,

He took to Instagram to blast ‘irresponsible pastors and conspiracy theorists’ for peddling the new controversial claims, saying: ‘they know you are so stupid enough to believe, and that your stupidity will make them prey on your income. ‘

”Have you research 5G and the energy it produces and why the rest of the world isn’t really ready to take the plunge or think it’s a good idea for the masses just yet. I agree that anyone who’s spreading news to get money from innocent people is wrong but please do the research on 5G fact check before also spreading news as well. Scientists and Government officials alike are still doing research to see if 5 G is save they are getting mix signal about the whole thing. He added in another post.

Bisi’s reaction comes after Pastor Chris Oyakhilome of Believers Love World a.k.a Christ Embassy claimed that Coronavirus and 5G network is part of the Antichrist plan for a new world order.


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