Wednesday , February 21 2024

Hushpuppi tackles celebrities trying to make ‘rape stories’ trend

Flamboyant Nigerian man, Hushpuppi has taken a swipe at celebrities trying to make ‘rape stories’ trend, as he claimed it might ‘backfire’ in the nearest future.

According to the Huspuppi, rape is a serious issue and should be kept in ‘serious’ space not in ‘trendy’ space. Hushpuppi who also claimed that Nigerians did nothing when reports of old men raping little girls were shared, slammed the lawyers who are offering free services to those he described as ‘rich and famous’.

See his posts below;


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  1. Rape is definitely a serious issue.

  2. So true I support u on dis, everything should nt be a trend in Nigeria

  3. Lazarus kelvin

    I love this celebrity ,
    Bisola untied them .
    Idi ara

  4. Well Rape is very serious thing not to joke with

  5. Chidozie chiazokam jennifer

    I support him jare

  6. Omenuko Adaobi Promise


  7. Ndubuisi Chidinmma

    Yessssss oh let it trend

  8. Now a real man is talking.. The rape issue has finally turned to MTN.. Everywhere you go

  9. Juliet ugochukwu

    For once someone said something good

  10. This is Nigerian
    Lol, new stories everyday

  11. Hushpuppi I likey.. I hope other celebrities will adhere

  12. Egbuwalo Teniola Glory

    True talk.

  13. Seriously that’s the truth. So many people trynna make the whole rape thingy trend

  14. Well..I guess he’s right.

  15. Igwe Emmanuella

    Hush ooooo ,many people are using it now to make money ooo

  16. I wish everybody will hear ur advice bro..

  17. Igboanugo ifeoma vanessa

    Correct vibes

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