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“Husband will be a big problem for you, in Jesus’ name” – Pastor curses lady

A Facebooker user who identified herself as Cynthia Onyinye Okafor has taken to the social media platform to call out a pastor who cursed her for allegedly refusing to date her and also warn other ladies to be careful with such men.

The shocked lady resorted to social media to shame the man of God and also warn other ladies against pastors of his kind.

Cynthia shared a screenshot of social media conversation with the pastor who she named as Lucky Emmanuel.


“Husband will be a big problem for you, in Jesus’ name” –Pastor curses

In the conversation, the disappointed pastor said to the lady among other things that “Husband will be a big problem for you”, adding that she will always face disappointment in her marital life. He then sealed the curse with the name of Jesus.

The screenshot shows that the lady warned the pastor to stop sending her messages or she would block him, which apparently angered him.

Cynthia further alleged that she refused the man of God’s proposal because one of her friends had confided in her that she is dating him.

If the claim is anything to go by, then pastor Lucky Emmanuel probably just wanted to sexually exploit the lady.


“Husband will be a big problem for you, in Jesus’ name” –Pastor curses


Expressing her disappointment and fury on Facebook, Cynthia said:

“This is what your pastor sent to me.because he asked me out n I refused.. This guy is dating a friend of mine but he doesn’t know we are close and she has told me about him next his in my DM disturbing and wants to be more than a friend..

Is it by force? Useless Man Be careful of where you worship.. some places are shrine.. by the way Mr Man ugly short fool.. See his dried church with two speakers frustrated herbalist.. Thunder both boiled n roasted fire you there. You will have disappointments in your own life too idiot mother f*cker.

I wish all your sisters,cousin, female children set back in their lives. They will keep waiting in their Village without progress idiot using God’s name . May God punish you there. You think husband is my problem in life? I would have marry long ago.i rather be single than talk to an ugly, frustrated,hungry herbalist like you. I will disgrace you mark it.”


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