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Husband Battery! Woman risks imprisonment after beating husband for attending church

Those who always hear of men beating their wives should add this to what they know. This time wife battery is not the issue but husband battery.

The story is that a woman in Zimbabwe may go to jail for turning her husband who is 10 years older than into a punching bag.

Her anger was that the man attended another church different from the one she attends.

According to Zimbabwean NewsDay , Susan Mudzengi, 43, turned her husband, Paul Ndlovu, ten years her senior, into a punching bag on 20 May after the man returned home having attended the African Apostolic Church. She is a facing a charge of domestic violence and public indecency.She was formally charged 22 June.

The woman is a member of the Apostolic Sect run by a Johanne Masowe. She was slammed with the additional count after she stripped at a police station to avoid being detained in the cell.

Prosecutor Munyonga Kuvarega told the Beitbridge Magistrate, Goodswill Mavenge that Ndlovu is the headmaster at Nottingham Primary School in Beitbridge.

As reported by Zimbabwean NewsDay, Kuvarega said on May 20 this year Ndlovu returned home from church and Mudzengi started shouting at him for attending the Apostolic church.

“Ndlovu was served with supper by his daughter and when he finished eating, Mudzengi grabbed him by the neck and pushed him to the floor before she sat on him and assaulted him several times with fists. The accused also destroyed Ndlovu’s Bible, anointing oil and Mwazha’s (his pastor’s) picture.


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  1. Ejiofor kingsley

    From wife battery to husband battery. What is this world turning into?


    Someone cannot choose a church of his choice

  3. Agbasimelo sharon

    I can’t stop laughing, the reverse is the case now..Despite that what the lady did was very bad,i wonder if the man was the architect of her problems or maybe she has a personal beef with God for destroying the Bible and also anointing oil..

  4. Anthony Ekeruche

    This is funny. How will a woman beat up her husband? That’s bad for the man!

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