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Huge Python Brings Traffic To A Standstill In Indian City (Viral Video)

Kochi city India

A viral video from Kochi, Kerala, a city in southwest India’s coastal Kerala state, has surfaced online showing how a huge python brought traffic to a halt as it slowly crossed the busy road.

Kochi city witnessed a huge python about 6.5-foot long, as it slithered out of a roadside bush and made its way across a busy street in the city. Commuters stopped their vehicles to allow the Indian rock python, a non-venomous snake, to cross the road in peace.

The incident occurred on the busy Seaport-Airport Road in Kochi on Sunday night, according to The New Indian Express.

The video of the incident emerged on YouTube showing a number of cars and motorcycles parked in the middle of the road so that they don’t run over the snake while it is crossing. A few people can also be seen standing quietly, watching the snake cross the road. When it got to the other side of the road, the reptile vanished in the bushes.

Watch the video here:


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