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How You Can Do JAMB Online Registration 2019! Easy Steps

This is a quick guideline for JAMB online registration 2019 to assist you undertake the process in your own. This is a simple process. You only need to know the sequence of actions and do everything in a proper way.

The steps of online registration for JAMB in 2019

The first step of this process is to create JAMB Profile, there are several ways to do it. Here we want to show you the online method of registration. It is easy and quick:

Click the button “to login” and you will see the JAMB online registration portal;
Click on “create new account.”

After that, you will be asked to verify your email and select security questions;
After the verification of email is done, you are required to fill other details such as name, surname, email, password, and date of birth and so on;
After the account is created, you should login and view your JAMB Profile.

This is the method of JAMB online registration, there is also a way to register your account with the help of SMS.

How You Can Do Jamb Online Registration Via SMS

To do this, send the SMS message to special number for automatic registration of the candidates. The candidate needs to send his or her Surname, First-Name, Middle-Name to the number 55019. After that, the candidate receives Profile Code that consists of 10 characters.
The Profile Code is extremely important for the process of registration, so don’t lose it. After the creation of account, it is time to pay for E-PIN-registration and visit an accredited CBT center with his or her personal details, the registered profile and evidence of payment. At the CBT center, the candidate finishes his or her registration process.

Summary of SMS Registration Process 
according to the messages from @JAMBHQ:

Every candidate should visit the CBT center only after he or she created a profile;
To create a candidate’s profile send his or her surname, first-name, and middle-name in the form of SMS to the number 55019;
After sending that SMS, the candidate will receive ten digit profile code at the same telephone number;
With the help of this code, the candidate will be able to purchase the application document at the point of purchase in Banks, MFBs, MMOs, USSD Partners, etc;
Pay attention that the candidate will receive e-pin also via SMS;
Every candidate should present his or her e-pin at CBT center during JAMB registration.
Visit this page to see the whole list of JAMB registration centers in this year.

Follow this process carefully and you’re good to go.

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