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How to score an A+ grade in your semester exam as a Nigerian Student

The dream of every serious student is to score an A grade in every exam. In fact, that is what such students set out to achieve even before the lectures commence just that in some cases, the lecturer might end up not doing justice to a course and in the process discourages students from enjoying and understanding the course very well.

Tertiary institution students go through semester exams after a lengthy period of classroom work. Getting ready for exams can be a challenge. This happens especially when you’re not sure how to approach the study but with some planning and self-testing, you’ll discover that learning can be less painful and long retained.

No matter what the case may be, just note that scoring an A+ grade is not rocket science. It is a process which you must follow serious no matter the course you are studying.

Several suggestions have been put forward by different persons on this issue. You don’t just ignore them if you truly want to get an A grade. You might say “I’ve tried this but it didn’t work for me.” It means there’s something you’re missing in terms of consistency or focus. Checkout a summary of steps you could take to study if you wish to get an A+ grade. Also watch the video below.

Suggestions on how you can score an A+ grade

Understand what you’re studying. You always ensure you understand what has been thought in class. If possible ask questions to get clarifications. Never miss any class except you’re sick.

Ask your teachers, lecturers, professors about your doubts. Do some exploration to dig deeper

Don’t miss class or quiz

Use videos to enhance your learning and understanding. Watch videos on YouTube based on the same topic that you’re learning.

Begin your study early and study well. In fact, must counselors advise students not to study a day before or on the day of exams. But if you think this might help you then do it carefully and cautiously.

It’s always good to study past questions. Ask for or download copies of the previous year’s question papers. Take these tests to see if you can solve them.

Study with friends. Group study is another technique of helping you retain what you’ve read. Make sure you are not just at the receiving end. Participate in the discussion. Take a topic and present to the group as the main discussant.

Use mnemonics such as acronyms to summarise your work. To remember some points in exam might be difficult but when you use acronyms or first letters of words/sentences to form words you can actually remember a whole lot. For instance, TREE could be used to represent four kinds of newspaper ownership or any other point by using the first letters to for the word TREE or any other word. Students do this a lot and it works for them. Mnemonics are strategies used to improve and assist the memory.

Do something specific while you study that you can also do during the exam. This is a strange suggestion by wikihow but if it works for you then maintain it. According to wikihow: “If you can replicate what you were doing when you were studying you will help your brain to remember what it was you were studying. For example, if you were chewing a particular flavor of gum while you were studying, you should chew that same flavor during the exam.”

Take breaks and in that break go for a walk or a round in your block which can help your refresh your mind.

Meditation can help. Take 30 belly breaths every day and make time to relax your mind.

Listen to pleasant music if you get bored. And don’t make it too tough on yourself; meet your friends during a break now and then, to wind down.

Stay away from junk food; instead, eat the healthy food your brain thrives on.

Don’t over study. Give yourself short breaks for 15 minutes between your studies.

Don’t stay up all night studying; you need to rest before your exams

Video on how to score an A+ grade

A professor asked his students who have been scoring A+ grades over the years how they have been achieving that. Their responses excited him so he packaged the video below to let other students across the world have that knowledge. Watch the video below.


You can ask any question that is bothering you so we can make our candid suggestions on how you can get going.

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