Sunday , September 25 2022

How to make money on instagram as a Nigerian student

Most other social media platforms can generate income thorough similar ways, although there are income strategies that are specific to some platform. For instance, there are three major ways to make money on Instagram. They are by (1) working as an influencer to post contents sponsored by different companies and brands, (2) through affiliate marketing, and by (3) selling your own products as an entrepreneur. Several celebrities across the world make millions of dollars through their social media handles, especially instagram. This money comes in form of sponsored posts and adverts.

The volume of traffic to the social media accounts determines the level of income such platforms can generate. Advertisers are basically looking for where they will find the bulk of their target audience. This makes social media accounts with huge number of followers very lucrative platforms for generating income.

For further details on several other ways you can make money on Instagram, see

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