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How To Know A Fake Friend In Five Minutes

Personally, I’m not one to believe in “fake friends” and this is because I have this theory that IF A ‘FRIEND’ IS FAKE THEN HE/SHE ISN’T REALLY A FRIEND but for the sake of this article, I’ll make use of the terms fake friend(s) and unfriendly friend(s) interchangeably.
So, basically, an unfriendly friend is a fake friend; one who does what a real friend would normally not do. This is someone whose intention is to use, hurt and betray you intentionally; one way or the other for reasons known to them. My goal is making sure that after reading this commentary, you would be able to spot your fake friends and re-evaluate your friendships. You’d also understand if you have been a real friend, yourself.
A Fake Friend Lies.
It’s really sad that a lot of people ignore the fact that lying is actually a very big deal and you can’t really blame them because, I mean, who tells the truth these days? We all tell lies for one reason or the other. So if you are constantly lying to your friend about things they should know about or covering tracks you shouldn’t be covering then you are walking towards the fake friend lane. You ask fake friends for help; they lie about it, you ask for useful and needful information, they deny knowing anything about. They lie so that you’re not knowledgeable of things you should know about.
• Fake Friends Are Disloyal
When Chris Brown said “these hoes ain’t loyal” he wasn’t referring to the farm tools. He was referring to people in general. I refuse to accept that it is a gender thing because both men and women can be disloyal. If They snitch on you, talk behind your back, lie to you, steal from you, or hurt you repeatedly in ways you cannot understand, they are NOT your real friends.
A Fake Friend Never Claps When You Win
A wise man once said that when winning, one should pay close attention to those who don’t clap. Invariably, this means we should take note of those who are never excited about our progress in any facet of our lives. I remember a time when I had this friend that was doing poorly in a course where I was excelling because of my communication skills in that particular course. Aunty never congratulated me whenever my grades came out positive and hers, negative even as I did my best to help her. One day she exposed herself when she insinuated that the reason behind my success was because I was having an affair with the teacher. She said this right in front of total strangers and I was shocked (and trust me, that was the moment I cut all ties). Beware of those kind of people because they would go any length to pull you down and make you look bad in front of others.
• Unreliability is the middle name of a fake friend.
First of all, why do you even count an unreliable person as a friend? I’m asking because I feel that a friend MUST be reliable. If you cannot count on someone then the person shouldn’t be your friend in the first place. You need to talk to someone; their ears get missing. You need help or assistance; they go M.I.A and even when they are in the right position to help, they always make excuses or give reasons why they cannot help you. When someone poses as a friend and still displays unreliability over and over again, the person is clearly a fake friend.
Unfriendly Friends are Selfish and Unappreciative
You can imagine a situation where you do a lot of things for someone but they are never grateful or satisfied. They always want more than what they have been offered because they always think of only themselves. They would want to use you for their own benefits at any given opportunity and when they find out there is nothing left, they put on their shoes and hat, take a bow and disappear leaving you all dried up. A true friendship should involve the effort of both parties. If you are the only one making efforts and sacrifices to keep the relationship going then you should get worried and ask questions.
Unfriendly Friends feed on Envy and Jealousy
Can we actually talk about envy without jealousy? Nah! I doubt.
The line between envy and jealousy is very thin as ENVY is basically that emotion that comes with lacking something that someone has while JEALOUSY, on the other hand is that emotion which comes with loosing (or the thought and probability that you might lose) something you already have to someone else
This point isn’t something I need to stress because everyone should know by now that envy and jealousy are words written on the foreheads of unfriendly friends. The GOOD BOOK says “for where jealousy and selfish ambition exist, there will be disorder and every vile practice”. In other words, you can never progress if your heart is full of envy and jealousy.
Fake Friends are always in a Silent competition with you.
This silent competition thingy goes hand in hand with envy and jealousy, because, why would someone want to silently compete with you if they are not envious? Fake friends always want to silently compete with you, they always want to beat you in a game that wasn’t even there in the first place and you know the best part? It’s that they can never win because they are trying too hard to be who or what they aren’t  so if you spot someone who never compliments your hair, looks and make up but tries hard to look like you or own what you own then you have a fake friend lying on your couch.
Fake Friends Are Nothing but Haters
A fake friend is a hater – scratch that – A fake friend is worse than a hater. I would rather have a thousand actual haters than a single fake friend because guess what? A fake friend wears a mask and if you’re not sharp enough, you could get played unlike your haters whom you acknowledge and avoid.
This “friend” wants you to do well but not as well as (or better than) they are doing is a hater right there. A friend is supposed to want the absolute best for you at all times not at times convenient for them or when it suits them.
In essence, A fake friend is just like a bad tooth. It is there causing you pain and like a bad tooth, a fake friend has to be removed. Sure, it will cause you pain when taking it out but in the long run, you will see that it is the best thing you could have done for yourself.
Do you have fake friends ?? Or
Are you that fake friend ??

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