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How to Join Association of Communication Scholars and Professionals of Nigeria

One of the most prominent and vibrant professional bodies in the field of communication and related disciplines in West Africa is the Association of Communication Scholars and Professionals of Nigeria (ACSPN). Becoming a member of this association provides a scholar in Nigeria’s communication environment with numerous advantages. First you have to understand what ACSPN aims to achieve before seeing why you have to be a member.

Let’s take a quick look at an overview of ACSPN. Information on ACSPN website reveals that the Association committed to advance the scholarly study and practice of communication by promoting and facilitating the pursuit of excellence in academic research and professional practice in Nigeria. One of the basic aims of this body is to support the process of shaping communication scholarship, training and practice in Nigeria whilst complementing the work of other bodies with similar aims and building on the potentials of the field of communication in Nigeria, conscious of the needs of the country for critical inputs from communication scholars and professionals to shape a future that will promote growth and development.

The Association is very vibrant and is well recognized by international organizations as a platform that projects communication scholarship and professionalism in Nigeria. For instance, in what looks like an affirmation of the confidence of partners in the capacities of Association, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO), recently gave a grant equivalent of $21, 000 (about N7,560,000) to ACSPN, on Media and Information Literacy Non-Curricula Activities. The print and electronic materials to be developed under the contract, were to be used primarily in Nigeria and Sierra-Leone, and targets the non-formal sector. A Content Development Workshop was held from June 14-16, 2019, featuring a team of professionals, academics, artists and related professionals, from across Nigeria, and a respected Sierra-Leonean, as participant. The project was to be completed in six weeks, and expected to open up new options for the localisation and domestication of this global curriculum.

Here is what you stand to benefit as a member of ACSPN;

Members’ Profile Clause

Full payment of annual membership fee qualifies a member to use the following in their profile in any year:

  • Member, Association of Communication Scholars & Professionals of Nigeria
  • Associate Member, Association of Communication Scholars & Professionals of Nigeria

Benefits of Membership

  • Publication opportunities, including to upload publications on the ACSPN website for international access
  • Mentoring (academic and professional practice)
  • Participation as ACSPN representative in local and international research
  • Opportunity to participate in consultancies
  • Opportunity for personal professional development
  • Free participation in the ACSPN Empowerment Series (AES) designed for professional and academic development and mentoring
  • Opportunity to use the ACSPN platform to assess research funding/grants/scholarships
  • Opportunity to represent ACSPN for national and international appointments
  • Updates on developments in the field of communication
  • Conferences, seminars, workshops
  • Opportunities to support Communication Initiatives
  • Exchange programmes
  • Linkage to reputable institutions/organizations – local and international
  • Affiliation to collaborating organizations
  • Interactive web platform for mainstreaming

Membership is open to communication teachers, researchers, professionals, students, and people in other disciplines. Here is a detailed description of membership status;

  1. Full Membership
  • Communication Teachers & Researchers
  • Communication Professionals
  • Postgraduate Students in Communication programmes and institutions
  1. Associate Membership
  • Associate Members (Interested Academics, Professionals & Students in other Disciplines/Area of Work)

Members are advised to belong to a manageable number of thematic groups in order to maintain focus. To register as a member just visit ACSPN website for detailed direction to that effect.

There is no doubting the fact that ACSPN is one of the most vibrant communication-based associations in West Africa. This means Nigerian scholars need this association to grow in their career and expand the horizon of opportunities required to excel in communication education and professionalism.

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