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How to identify Limitations of Study

No research work is completely flawless. No study includes all possible aspects of methodology to make it free of any defects. Something could be missing or may have been left off in the process of carrying out the study. Those procedures that were left out which are likely to affect the results of the work make up the limitations of study. When you provide limitations of study in your work it means you are being sincere and realistic because there is no perfect work.

Limitation of study refers to the methodological flaws in a research work which affect the way the results would be interpreted or generalized. These are defects that affect the generalizability of the work. The limitation of study is a problem related to the methodology used in a work which affect how the will be applied to a larger population.

Limitation of studies in simple terms refers to weaknesses in methodology. It consists of weaknesses related to decisions made in the study especially in the area of such methodological issues as the population of study, sample size, sampling technique, method of study, data gathering technique, among others. It could also be limited access to data, lack of previous research studies on the topic, or conflicts arising from cultural bias and other personal issues, to the extent that these issues affect the procedure of study (the methodology). You should be able to explain how these issues affected your methodology or the process of carrying out the study. You should point out how they impacted the findings or limited your ability to do a stronger work.

This lecture has been packaged in a video where simple terms were used to explain the concept of limitation of study using examples.

Watch video here;

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