Tuesday , August 9 2022

How to identify a research problem (video)

Research is a systematic way of finding solutions to a problem. Whether it is in social sciences or any other area, research is problem driven. It is a scientific way of finding solutions to an identified problem. Identifying and properly formulating a research problem is a major step to carrying out a study successfully. What then is a research problem?

A research problem could be described as questions researchers want to answer or assertions they want to challenge by embarking on a study. A research problem is a challenge you set out to find solutions to in a study. It is an issue, difficulty, contradiction or a gap in knowledge you want to address by embarking on a study. Objectives are goals we set to achieve in a research study. The research problem informs the setting of meaningful objectives.

There are steps in identifying a research problem. You also have steps in carrying out a research study. Watch this video to get the complete lecture on basics of research in social sciences.

Below is the rap music version of the lecture, an innovation we introduced to make you have fun while learning difficult subjects.

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