How To Give Your Skin That Inner Glow

Dry skin gals know the struggle of getting that fresh, radiant glow to our face. It can be challenging, especially in climates where the sun is hiding most of the year. Here are my 3 beauty hacks to give your skin that inner glow all year round. 

Moisturize & Hydrate – Day & Night

The first step is to make sure your skin is prepped with all the hydration you can possibly give it. This means you need to start carrying a bottle of water wherever you go. Hydrate from within so it can show on your skin. Also, make sure you add a night and day cream moisturizer to your skincare routine. You’ll start seeing the radiance show up on your skin in no time!

Carry a Mini Facial Spray on the Go

Another helpful tip is to keep a facial spray with you in your purse. This way, you can refresh your skin with that wet to glow look at any time during the day. Try to find something with aloe or rose water as these ingredients are soothing to your skin and will help in giving you that glow from within look!

Pinpoint And Highlight

If you want a more added glow to your face, use a highlighter on the tops of your cheekbones, the tip of your nose, and your brow bone. For an even more natural look, you can dab a little bit of Chap Stick with your fingertips on these areas for a natural radiance from within. Nobody will even know the difference!

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