Thursday , November 30 2023

How To Do Artificial Fish Reproduction At Home – Part Three (Video)

Artificial fish spawning is a process of fish fertilization that is done by fish farmers. The natural fertilization takes place in the wild, that is, at the stream or river where fish engage in fertilization naturally.

Here is the final part of the series we have been showing on artificial fish fertilization. We began with the time the unfertilized eggs were squeezed out of the female and the semen sack extracted from the male. Then the unfertilized eggs and semen were mixed and spread in a spawning pond and we watched for two months as the eggs hatched and the fries developed to juveniles. Watch this last part and you’ll learn a lot about artificial fish fertilization also called artificial fish spawning or breeding.


Artificial fish spawning – Part One ( )
Artificial fish spawning – Part Two (

Artificial fish spawning


Artificial fish fertilization



Artificial fish breeding


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