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How Mark Angel Comedy Became Successful on YouTube, This Story Will Inspire You

YouTube is successfully competing for viewers with regular television channels. Many Nigerians are fans of various channels and programmes on YouTube, making the platform a viable source of income for content creators in the country. One of the Biggest YouTube channels owned by a Nigerian is Mark Angel Comedy channel, where the popular comedian, Emmanuella thrills her fans. The is owned by 29-year-old Mark Angel, a young Nigerian whose part to success as a YouTuber is both inspiring and interesting.

Russell Southwood spoke to Mark Angel about how he does what he does to get to a remarkable success level.

Mark Angel says his route into comedy was not a standard road. He had initially set out to study to be a doctor but life took a very different turn:”I used to study photography and then this led me to editing videos. I found stand-up but it was not working for me so I decided to do dramatic comedy on videos and this came together in 2011. We’re now on our 211st episode.”

He didn’t just become successful; he had attempted some other programmes but ended up on a successful note with comedy. Initially he did more adult comedy but then changed the material to appeal to families by bringing in members of his family to perform in the videos. His most successful performer is his niece Emmanuella Samuel. When she was a toddler, Mark Angel noticed that she had a talent for acting. In 2018 it was announced that she had been attached to a Disney Studios project. Another star performer is Denilson Igwe who takes the part of the Pastor in the series.

As the video episodes on the YouTube channel became more popular it opened up new opportunities for him with events, TV appearances and traveling round the world. Based on this success, he has plans to open a school to train children for an entertainment performance career:”I have a project to expand the little school we have to train kids for entertainment.”

He also wants to explore opportunities to create feature films:”I’m going to start locally doing independent films but if that works well, my target is Hollywood.” When he looks further ahead, he’s thinking of doing shows in the USA, South America, Africa and Asia that come out of the comedy performances on the platform”. In September 2018 he took a live version of the comedy show to Kampala. He’s says he’s already built interesting relationships in Australia.

Mark Angel’s record is very impressive. According to Social blade, the Mark Angel Comedy channel on YouTube was the No 1 most viewed channel in Nigeria n September 2019. It has 5.02 million subscribers and Favorite Episode 190 had 9.8 million views:”The money from YouTube pays for 17 local staff and 5 offshore. But I’ve been able to mature into other physical businesses. We embrace brands.”

With the emergence of online comedy as a lucrative venture in Nigeria, the environment is becoming more competitive requiring creativity every day. As Mark Angel observes, “There are Instagram comedians popping up every minute of the day. It’s the fastest growing industry in Nigeria.” On whether TV has a role in developing comedy in Nigeria, here’s what Mark Angel has to say: “If you ask me personally, I don’t think TV is playing a role. The film market is easily outdoing television”.

His comedy comes from the reality of how people live in Nigeria:”They can relate to it. It comes out of real life situastions.”

(with reports from allAfrica and Smart Monkey TV.

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