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How Agboogun Footprints on Idanre Hills Were Used to Catch Witches Many Centuries Ago (Video)

One place you’ll always enjoy the beauty of nature is on Idanre Hills. This is a wonderful tourist site located in Ondo State, Nigeria. Among the most intriguing mysteries you’ll find on the hills is the Agboogun footprint.

This can be described as a human footprint naturally carved on a rock surface. The mystery behind this footprint is that it is said to fit the size of any ones feet except that of people with witchcraft spirits. So the ancient people of Idanre who lived on this hill many many centuries ago used this footprint to detect “witches” in their community.

If the villagers suspected that a witch was tormenting the, they narrowed down the area the suspected witch may be residing and took every suspect to the exact spot where the Agboogun footprint was. Everyone was made to step into the footprint and the footprint is said to mysteriously fit the size of any foot placed on it, provided the foot does not belong to a witch. So if anyone placed their foot on the footprint and it doesn’t size them, then that person is accused of witchcraft and treated as a witch. Of course the treatment won’t be funny at all.

What a mystery. What a tourist destination to visit.

So whenever you visit Idanre Hills ask your tour guide to take you to the spot where you can see the Agboogun footprint.

Watch video;

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