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Hottest Female OAPs In Ebonyi State You Should Listen To Their Programmes

Written By Winifred Igwe

Being very good at your job is one thing but having a gorgeously hot swag while thrilling your listeners is one rare quality most radio On-Air-Personalities (OAPs) do not have. So when you see those who combine skill and finesse, you should celebrate them. In the broadcast media landscape in Ebonyi state, there are just a few exceptional female presenters who are hot on-air and off-air, with elegant popularity among listeners in the state and beyond. Here is a list of the hottest and most popular female OAPs in Ebonyi State.

3. Doris Ekumamkama – EBBC

At number three is Doris Ekumamkama, popularly called Zinny P. She is one of the few gorgeous female presenters whose programmes are loved by listeners across both genders. She works for EBBC. Doris knows how to keep the audience interested in listening to the last word on her programme. She presents programmes and also reads news on radio and TV stations of EBBC (Salt TV and Salt FM). Doris is among the best female OAPs in the broadcast media landscape in Ebonyi state.



2. Amaka Chukwu – EBBC

At number two is Amaka Chukwu. She is among the OAPs in Ebonyi State that have a listener-friendly voice on radio. She also works for EBBC (Salt TV and Salt FM) where she presents very interesting programmes among which are Tatafo, Empower your world, soul course, and street vibes. Amaka’s programmes are grassroots-friendly, making her a household name in Abakaliki. She is a gorgeous personality whose carriage off-air truly reflects her on-air personality, very unassuming with an infectious smile she tries very much to share with listeners via the microphone.

1. Vivien Faga – EBBC

At number one is Vivien Faga, and she’s got the swagger. She is easily the queen of the airwaves in Ebonyi State. Vivien is among the best female presenters in the Southeast region of Nigeria, with her name popular among listeners and viewers in Ebonyi, Enugu and Benue States. Her studio name is Queen V. Some of her fans hardly sleep without hearing her voice on air. She uses unique presentation skills and mastery of conversational language to always keep the audience engaged and captivated. Vivien works for EBBC (Salt TV and Salt FM) and is one of the best hands that keep the organisation afloat. Among her programmes are Sunrise, startimes, and juke box. She is an OAP whose on-air and off-air personalities are intriguing.

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