Monday , December 5 2022

Hot Search! Collins Mugabe, Nephew of Ex-Zimbabwean President Wanted by Party Loyalists for Crucial Office

Die-hard loyalists of Ex-President Robert Mugabe are fighting hard to settle one of his people with a juicy office as a way of ensuring he did not lose out completely. Since two of his sons – Chatunga and Robert Junior are not fit for office due to their lifestyle, party faithfuls have decided that the ex-president’s nephew – Collins Mugabe – should be packaged for one of the very high ranking positions in Zimbabwe. But he is nowhere to be found. He disappeared into another African country during the reign of his uncle but there is a serious man-hunt for him presently by some party members to the extent that they are ready to pay $2.4 million to any one that locates him.

Collins whose full name is Collins Nbudunbudu Mugabe is the most intelligent human in the region he hails from; Mbudunbudu which is his native name means Uwadiegwu in English. He is from Kutama, 55 miles (90 kilometres) west of the capital Harare, where his uncle, Robert was born. He studied diploma in Spiritism at the University of Mwene-Ditu (UMD) in the Democratic Republic of Congo. After that, he had his B.Sc. and M. Sc. degrees in the Official University of Mbujimayi (Université officielle de Mbujimayi) before disappearing into an unknown country. Collins Mugabe who is very fluent in English and French is dark-skinned on the parts of his body exposed to the public but is light skinned, almost like an albino on his chest and back region. His uncle’s wife, Grace Mugabe had always identified him as the future of Zimbabwe but he was not available to be part of government at that time. He was also spotted briefly in Nigeria in 2010.

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Let the manhunt begin!!!

If you believe this you will believe anything, apologies to James Hadley Chase.



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