Tuesday , October 3 2023

Horror! Gunmen Kidnap Delta State Poly Registrar

The registrar’s car (pix credit: nationalhelm)

Staff and students of Delta State Polytechnic, Ogwashi-Uku, are still in shock after news filtered in that registrar of the institution, Mr Collins Ossai Onyenwenu has been kidnapped by unknown gunmen.

Nationalhelm reported that the Onyenwenu was allegedly ambushed by arms wielding gunmen at about 4pm on Saturday along Ugiliamai/Onitcha-Ukwu road in Ndokwa East Local Government Area of the state.

The registrar who was driving in a Toyota Camry that cool Saturday evening was reportedly ambushed by the hoodlums and whisked from his car into a waiting car and driven in another car to unknown destination.
Details of the incident and subsequent police investigation are still sketchy.

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  1. Mpiti ekweeee!

  2. chidume happiness

    Nawa. This country is becoming something else, someone can not walk freely again. D police should please carry on a quick investigation immediately.

  3. I pray they release him

    What a sad news

    Nigerians say no to kidnapping.

    Quiz no 73
    Group 4

  4. That’s a terrible one,will keep praying for you sir.
    Quiz no:72
    Group 1

  5. God help him wherever he is and protect his life for the sake of his family in Jesus name Amen….

  6. woah!!! really bad.. i pray God sees him through.. and the police should not rest till they find those culprits

  7. chikaogwu Chioma

    lol…. maybe the man done committ or he has a lot of money

  8. Egbulem Assumpta

    God have mercy (2015054129)

  9. Hmmm in this raining season nawa ooo I pity for the man’s family because kidnapping money no be change for this weather ooo chaiiii

  10. hmm..something must be done fast oo..

  11. 2015054009,Quiz no.75

    Are there still kidnappers?

  12. God see you through Mr. Registrar

  13. Agina Gloria Ebele

    The police should investigate to fish out these hoodlums and when caught let them face the punishment. Quiz no (76)

  14. What is our country Nigeria turning into….. All in the name of money. I hope and pray that our Nigeria police will find him soon, save and alive.

  15. Okoli Ijeoma P (132)

    the man is a hero.. not every police officer can withstand an attack.. but our hero stood and fought back. we need men like this in our police force. the man deservers to be immortalized.

  16. Okoli Ijeoma P (132)

    That police officer should be immortalized. he is a hero. not every police man can stand to an attack….. he stood and fought back like a hero. we need people like this in police force

  17. This is shocking,and the case has to be looked into..before it gets to a situation whereby it won’t be able to be handled!

  18. Uzor Cecilia Ifunanya

    This is sad…. I pray they don’t hurt him

  19. Ohijeh Blessing

    Nawaoooo… what a tragedy

  20. Onuorah Adaeze Chidimma

    Chaaai,this our country ee,its a pity that such happened to this man at this recession quiz number(108)

  21. This is shocking, this country is some else, the police men should do some thing about it as fast as they could
    Quiz no: 9
    Group: 15A

  22. Ibeh Ifunanya Cynthia

    Quiz no: 154
    Thus is seriously getting out of hand

  23. Erokwu crystal chinelo

    Disheartening. All this cause of the present economy, I can’t really blame them.
    Group number: 15
    Quiz number: 20

  24. This shows that there is still a lot to do as regards to security. I hope that he returns safely. The university involved should look properly into this matter to prevent future occurrences(107)

  25. Nwankwo Deborah Ogechi , 2016054130,group 2

    I pray no harm comes to him,and may those hoodlums be caught and punished as soon as possible….

  26. God will see him through
    Quiz no:94

  27. Onyia Ogochukwu Mary

    I pray he will be save where ever he is.
    The police should do something about this and every fast before we hear another story.
    Quiz no 125.

  28. nawa fr dis my country oooo…what else do we expect when there are no work for the youths after graduating from the university. While I don’t blame them some how I blame the government fr not taking care ad providing fr the youth.
    quiz no 124
    group 14

  29. This is really sad. God please let your protection be with him
    Group 8
    Quiz number 97

  30. vivian ezeh chinaecherem

    God please help him….amen

  31. what a bad generation, I pray that God will deliver him from the hands of the kidnappers.

  32. Nwabugwu Sandra ijeoma

    Chai how come he was ambushed….

  33. Nwabugwu Sandra ijeoma

    Nigeria self…may God help out lecturers o(2015054104)

  34. I pray he comes back safe to his family.
    Reg no 2016054018
    Quiz no:83
    Group :5

  35. God please protect him where ever he is.

  36. obidigbo ifeoma Christabel

    That is a terrible one,for this Buhari regime? well we pray that they will release him soon without any harm.

  37. okeke chiamaka gabriella

    I pray for God protection upon his life and family…

  38. This is terrible for this season because money for kidnappers is not small money, I pray that God will help the man and his family.
    Quiz 120

  39. enough is enough for this kidnappers….oya police over to you.

  40. Hian!! wats wrong with Nigerian youths? d man they kidnapped isn’t d cause of their problems, if they want to Kidnap anyone I advise they should start from d head of state to his vice or probably let them go n kidnap boko haram leaders…. I pray no harm befall DSP (delta state Poly’s) registrar

  41. This is a bad news for the family of the registrar and the institution we pray for God’s protection upon him.

  42. Iferika Ogochukwu Anastasia

    This one weak my spirit…. Sorry for the man


    I strongly believe that the so-called gunmen are students
    Police investigate ooo

  44. This is serious security officials should step up their game to cutail this menace befalling this nation.
    Group no:10

  45. Anene Ejiofor Emmanuel

    that is very bad for the family and the institution at Large

  46. ogbonna ozioma Florence

    let the government of Delta state and the school management look in to this Case carefully

  47. ogbonna Divine 2015054147

    sad news,may God save him

  48. Obiasor Chinazo Helen

    Karma will surely remember those kidnappers.. We pray that Mr Collins will be released peacefully.

  49. This is really shocking… God should bring him back safe and sound
    quiz no 129
    group 8

  50. I pray they find him o. Just pray they wont harm him.
    Quiz no:156

  51. The Lord will be with him, wherever he is. quiz no 8 group 11.

  52. God help him wherever they have kept him


    this is really terrible oooo God have mercy.
    Group 15
    Quiz no 16

  54. I thought it is only in movies that car doors are left open after a kidnap… hmmm… its a pity anyways God help him.
    reg no. 2016054109
    qiz no. 99

  55. It is well. I pray they release him. Group 9 quiz no 24

  56. what where the security doing, they where to protect the every where

  57. the commissioner of police should take this case serious and the government should improve the security rate 2016054017

  58. May God protect the man where ever he is right now. I dont understand what our dear country is turning into
    quiz no64

  59. Its sad.I pray for his safety and quick release meanwhile the police should investigate this matter.
    Quiz no:101
    Group 9

  60. what kind of world is this, how can the gunmen kidnapped the honest man for no reasons.please God release him from the hands of gunmen.
    quiz no:98

  61. so bad…I hope he comes out safe..

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