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Horrifyingly Realistic Puppy-Shaped Ice-Cream Made By Taiwanese Cafe Goes Viral (VIDEO)

A cafe called Sowing the Sweets cafe, in Taiwan is the focus of media attention for making puppy-shaped ice creams that looks so realistic it will definitely be a challenge for even ice cream lovers to eat.

If you love ice creams would like to check this one out? The internet is currently buzzing with photos of a horrifyingly realistic puppy-shaped ice cream made by a cafe in Taiwan. Most people are describing this creative ice cream idea as adorable and horrifying at the same time.

You may say taste is what matters in any food but don’t forget that eating is also a visual experience to a great extent. Often times, your eyes feed first before your mouth gets to do the job. SO when you see a puppy looking so real to be eaten as ice cream, it becomes a challenge and an exciting experience at the same time to even an ice cream lover.


The puppy-shaped coconut milk puddings will definitely be very sweet. What actually matters here is who has the heart and stomach to eat these frozen treats? Where do you even start? Do you take a bite out of its face, a paw or do you just sink the spoon into the puppy’s back? How do you even come close to it in the first place? It might even take you time to convince yourself that this is not an animal before psychologically seeing it as an ice cream. What an experience.

Reddit user Penguin4466, whose photos of the disturbing dessert went viral on the popular social network, actually managed to eat one of these treats.

Most redittors who commented on his photos agreed that the puppy ice-cream just looks to realistic to eat. Checkout some of their comments;

“Too real. Could not eat,” Reddit user goblingirl wrote.

“What did it taste like? Sin and regret?” Im-a-huge-fan asked.

“I’d eat it, but I’d cry while doing so,” queenfirst commented.

If you’re still wondering how your lovely ice cream got to this level, watch the video of this special ice cream brand and make up your mind to try it out.







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