Tuesday , December 5 2023

Horrific! Yahoo Boy Kills Self In Shocking Manner

This is what you only see in horror films.

A young man in Ughelli Delta State, has committed suicide by repeatedly stabbing himself with a broken bottle.

The young man whom many suspect was a yahoo boy was said to have committed the horrific act allegedly as a result of excessive effects of the rituals he did to keep him successful in the internet fraud business.

Messages shared on social media platforms revealed that the young man identified as Mukoro Ovie Rex used a broken bottle to stab himself repeatedly as people watched. It was reported that when people attempted to stop him he refused and increased the tempo of the stabs on himself.

As police arrived the scene, he reportedly used the broken bottle to slash his throat.

Several photos of the gruesome incident have been shared online. In one of them, the deceased could be seen standing alone while blood covered his body, he didn’t even seem to notice that. In another photo his lifeless body could be seen being dragged out of the building.

Several angles have been given as reasons for his action though no one knows the right one. One angle says he was probably a Yahoo boy suffering a spiritual problem brought on by the rituals done for the success of his Yahoo scam. Others say he was probably gay and suicidal. Another angle suggests his companion should be arrested and questioned.
Investigations are still on the unravel the mystery behind the brutal suicide.

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