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Hilarious! Nigerian Man Flees From Home Over Wife’s Uncontrollably High Libido

A man in Lagos State has raced out of his house following his wife’s uncontrollably high demand for sex from him.
The 39-year old man identified as Daniel (surname withheld) resident in Ejigbo, Lagos abandoned his wife, Ihuoma, 34, their eight children and vowed never to return to the house until his wife can effectively control her high libido, according to PM Express.
Before the incident, the couple resided at Omoguwa Street off Omiyale Road in Ejigbo area before Daniel aka Dan was forced to relocate alone to an undisclosed location in Ogun State without informing his family.
The couple got married nine years ago and already had eight children and lived in a room and parlour apartment from where the man fled.
According to the report, trouble started after Dan who was a scrap dealer, began to feel the pains of having many children with little income and was said to be finding it extremely difficult to take care of them. According to one of their neighbours, Dan was angry and decided to leave the family because he claimed that his wife kept disturbing him for intercourse and he was afraid of having more children.
He reportedly claimed that hardly a night passed without his wife crying and begging him for intercourse, and he usually succumbed to such demands which resulted in frequent pregnancies. The neighbours said it was such demands that made Ihuoma to get pregnant again in 2016 and put to bed a set of twins which increased the number to eight children.
Unable to cope with his wife’s insatiable demands, Dan fled home, he informed Ihuoma through the phone but was still sending money to her for the upkeep of the family through their neighbour. The whole thing got into public glare when the neighbours asked Ihuoma about her husband and she claimed that he had travelled out. She later declared him missing but did not report to the police.
One of their neighbours tried Dan’s phone number and got him. The neighbour then told him that his wife said he was missing. It was then Dan told him that he was not missing but he fled the home because his wife kept disturbing him every night and he might be forced to have more children if her pressure continued. And so he had to leave the home for her.
When Ihuoma was contacted over the allegation, she replied that Dan was her husband and she had children for him. She declined to make further comment on the matter and went inside her apartment.
“Besides they were not educated to the extent to know much about family planning.” another neighbour said.
As at the time of filing this report, Dan was yet to return to his home after several weeks despite persuasions by neighbours and relations who knew about the escape and the predicament.

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