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Hilarious! Hospital Security Guard Who Filmed Himself For Six Months Farting At Work Has Been Sacked (See How He Farted At Work In Viral Video)

Creative social media platforms exist. But what a hospital security guard did to breakthrough the saturated social media world just got him sacked. The man identified only as Doug runs an Instagram platform that has only ‘Farting’ contents. He has been recording himself for six months farting at work and uploading the videos on Instagram. This made him go viral but his employers seemed not to like that, especially doing it wearing their uniform. They had to sack him.

The young man at a hospital filmed himself farting at work for over a six month period and this got him sacked.

Doug runs The Fart Authority Instagram page which features dozens of videos of him farting at different times at work.

This man has 28,000 followers. In the footage, he faces the camera and passes lets one off to the delight of his followers who view as he uploads.

He told Vice: “The lobby has really great acoustics, and naturally, we all fart.

“One day I ripped a rather nice one and got really good sound from it, so the next time it happened I recorded it and sent it to my group chat.”

Doug’s friends loved the fart sound and suggested he take it to online.

He then posted his first fart to Instagram on March 25.

The ex hospital security guard who goes by the pseudonym Paul Flart, a nod to the hit film Paul Blart: Mall Cop, farted his way through the hospital, posting each pump to a loyal crowd of 500 followers for half a year,.

But then his fan base exploded when his account went viral which eventually saw him fired from his job at the hospital.

He had violated company policy which prohibits using phones on the job “an unusually high amount of times”, and when he was asked to stop, he refused.

Doug also filmed himself wearing his security guard uniform on private property, which is also a violation.

But he says people from across the globe contact him every day, saying the clips bring them joy which Doug claims he is “all about that”.

He is now making Paul Flart merchandise and music videos on his Instagram page.

What a hilarious way to go viral and get fired.

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  1. This man funny shal,hilarious indeed. Is a pity that you loose ur job

  2. This is pure creativity…… though he loose his job but at same time he don become popular be that…… lwkmd

  3. obidigbo ifeoma Christabel

    sorry he lost his job, but I don’t think they would have sacked him, after all the video was of himself and not of anyone or the hospital.

  4. Obiechina Ifunanya Vivian

    Lolz! This man forgot that every firm has it’s abiding rules guiding them and he just overstepped his boundary…Hahaha
    Next time he wouldn’t try such rubbish at workplace.

  5. Chukwuanu Ekpereamaka Peace

    Abeg I no fit laugh.

  6. Chukwuanu Ekpereamaka Peace

    abeg I no forget laugh

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