Saturday , December 3 2022

Wacky! Grown Up Girl Tells Her Mother to Bath & Bottle Feed Her On Her Birthday (Photos)

I hope you didn’t miss this viral photo-story. A young lady decided to celebrate her birthday in the strangest fashion by asking her mother to bath and bottle-feed her as she did when the girl was small. It was reported that this was the way the unidentified mother celebrated her grown up daughter on her birthday. She did all she used to do for her daughter when she was small like bathing her, feeding her with feeding bottle and so when she was a baby. Some people are asking whether she also put diapers on the girl, (and that process should have been photographed too since they both want a Total Recall).

The photographs have not just gone viral but they have hit the roof of the cyberspace. In case you missed it, better catch your phone now.

So can you do this on your own birthday? What do you think about such special ways of celebrating birthday?

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  1. Casmir Obiakor ONWA

    I still insist that the gal should be worn her panties, napkin, and her anus be cleaned after going to toilet since this is a memorable event. Of course the photograph should also be spread here. Tankio…

  2. What does that really show? I saw pictures of a man who did same but he’s was so disgusting tho!

  3. This is a birthday stunt to remember. Novelty sales that’s obviously why is caught attention. It highlights mother-daughter bond of friendship which I think is healthy.

  4. I think they are both suffering from joblessness

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