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Herbal Malt! Guinness Promotes New Product Brand in COOU

The Guinness Crew at COOU during the marketing campaign

Written by Vanessa Igboanugo

Guinness Nigeria Plc, today, embarked on a marketing campaign to promote a new brand of Malt drink from the company, Herbal Malt, with a fanfare in Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu University (COOU), Igbariam campus. The brand is called “Guinness Malt Herbs”. The event began at about 2pm with one of the sales executives addressing students and exciting them with jokes. The event drew a large crowd of students most of whom had a taste of the new brand of Malt drink in town.

In an interview with Mr. Denis Okeke, the coordinator of the Guinness sales force that organized the campaign, Guinness company noticed that people were shunning drinks with sugar content in order to avoid diabetes so the company decided to introduce a sugar-free drink to safeguard people’s health. According to him, “Herbal Malt is not just sugar free, it is also herbal in the sense that it will reduce the rate of sugar in people’s body.”

A 100 level student of Mass Communication, Ogechi Obi who tasted the drink showered praises on Guiness for coming up with such innovation. “This is a great idea. The drink tastes really good,” she said.

The sharing of free drinks got students excited to the extent that there were embarrassing scenes where some students corporately dressed for lectures abandoned the classroom to wrestle for free malt drinks as if they were participating in a village war. That is what a good drink does to a good student, especially when the drink is great and free.


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  1. ukaegbu nkeonyere ifunanya

    All thanks to the guinness Nigeria plc that introduced this herbal malt which will help to reduce the high rate of sugar in people’s body and also reduce the high rate of diabetes .

  2. nice step to curb diabetes..student nd their ways

  3. Thank God for the Guinness company for bringing herbal malt for diabetes so that no one will suffer from diabetes again. keep it up.
    quiz no:59 ,group no:12

  4. Guiness malt herbs really containes some herbs that can be able to reduce sugar in the body system… I confirmed it as I tasted the drink, its indeed sugar free.
    kudos to those who brought out such an idea, they are indeed great innovators who can be able to produce what people like.

  5. ways of preserving life is on especially diabetes, Thanks to God for Guinness company.
    quiz no: 52,group no:12

  6. Nwoye Chinaza Faustina

    Will like to have one since it is also Herbal. Good work guys. Thanks
    Quiz no 53
    Group 12

  7. Azichoba Oluchi Jacinta

    Wow!!! Guys well done, wish to buy some because I love herbals well.
    Quiz no 52
    Group 12

  8. the drink was so sweet When i tasted it and the sugar Level is moderate.For this i say kudos to Guinness.
    (group 15B, my quiz number is 49)

  9. Herbal malt like no other, at least for the benefit of those suffering from diabetes will have there own drink and as well as low rate of sugar.
    quiz no: 60,group: 12

  10. the drink was so sweet When i tasted it and the sugar Level is moderate. For this i say kudos to Guinness
    (group number 15B,quiz number 49)

  11. please where are the saling it i need it because of the free sugar that is in it
    quiz no 57
    group no 15

  12. Thanks to guiness for improving on their product

  13. thanks for this company product,these will help to reduce the rate of diabetes .

  14. The introduction of sugar-free Herbal Malt drink that is not only sugar-free but helps to reduce the level of sugar in people’s body by Guinness Nigeria PLC is a welcome development. but we shouldn’t be too excited about this because a drink that is truly 100% sugar free doesn’t ” taste good “, rather it’s usually tasteless. People should apply caution and not resort to excessive consumption of herbal Malt with the hope that it is sugar-free and helps in lowering the sugar level in their body. People should get their sugar level checked first, eat foods that contains low sugar, go for regular medical check up to ascertain their health conditions and engage in routine exercises to maintain healthy living.

  15. I can attest to that, this new brand if Guinness malt is just WOW..Guinness I hail una o

  16. Emechebe chiamaka precious

    that what most students like free tinz that how we roll.and for d drink it a nice drink cos of d herbs.159
    group 15a

  17. please where are the selling it i want to buy it and
    their is no sugar because too much of sugar is very bad to the body
    quiz no 57
    group no 15b

  18. all thank to herbal malt drink… will like have some…

  19. all thank to herbal malt drink will also like to have one

  20. Nwankwo onyinye grace

    The introduction of sugar-free Herbal Malt drink that is not only sugar-free but helps to reduce the level of sugar…but I no that their must be element of sugar inside. Excess of sugar is bad and low sugar is the most deadly one….But thanks for their new product.


    well done Guys,Thanks for this guiness company product, these will help to reduce the rate of diabetes.
    Group 15
    Quiz no 16

  22. I support Guinness for that great idea,Nigerian drinks now a days are full of sweet taste and this causes alot of diseases and sickness which is very not good. Bringing up the idea of herbal malt is just a good idea,by that it will help reduce lots of sugar contents in the body.

  23. Guinness herbal malt is the best drink to be made,lots of sugar will reduce in the body.

  24. This is the very good idea been made,herbal malt will work in many ways and most importantly reduce the rate of sugar

  25. Chidume happiness. C.

    Thanks to Guinness company for introducing herbal malt, in order to reduce rate of high sugar in our body. Kudos to Guinness

  26. Thank God. Drink production companies are finally thinking of the people. This will make people conscious of their health while making sure that they still enjoy themselves. Thumbs up Guineas Nigeria PLC.

  27. Finally a herbal malt drink is produced atleast the rate of diabetes won’t be rampant in Nigeria

  28. Onuorah Adaeze Chidimma

    Bravo…Guineas PLC this herbal malt…will actually be beneficial to diabetic patients…. and it’ll also be a leading sale for diabetic patients it’s actually certified and recommended both for diabetic patients and healthy ones it’s really a great research … gracias

  29. Agina Gloria Ebele

    Guiness company has really done a great thing by producing this herbal malt atleast it will help to curb the rate of diabetes in adults and help to maintain sugar level in the body system.


    In the foot steps of ORIGIN_HERBAL comes MALTA_GUINNESS_HERBAL
    #Herbal always with less sugar
    its help a lot

  31. okeke chiamaka gabriella

    All thanks to guiness, at least this herbal malt drink will help reduce the rate of diabetes patience.
    GROUP 15A

  32. The drink ain’t bad, even if it contains herbs and low sugar it’s really good at least those with diabetes or any sugar limitations won’t be scared of testing it…..go Guinness herbs
    Quiz number:18
    Group number:15 A

  33. All thanks to guiness malt herb for advertising this product which will help reduce daibetes

  34. nwufo vivian Chidimma

    Thank God for this, at least diabetic patients can enjoy non alcoholic and less sweeten malt. wonderfully made, will like to try it

  35. Simon Chiamaka Peace

    What a wonderful recommendation for everyone especially for adults… I don’t blame our students that abandoned their lectures for free malt. LOL. Nigerians and awoof

  36. Good work,Guiness is the best. ..for sure we all will patronize you guyz .
    group 14

  37. Ebeledike ifunanya love

    Diabetes has become the popular sickness to our aging parents .Thank God for the Herbal malt at least they can enjoy a little bit of happiness .And avoid sugar finally

  38. onwusereaka Rejoice kelechi

    Brovo to Guinness Nigeria PLC for this new product.
    reg no;2016054018
    group 5

  39. it really sounds interesting because it shows that the chaplaincy is not only preaching to the students but also want them to know their culture. quiz num 3.reg num 2016054035

  40. This will help reduce diabetes

    A very big thank you to Guiness malt herbs.

  41. this company has the taste of consumers who patronise there product,maybe they have noticed that the rate of goods demanded is low,in order to meet up with there demand they have to come out with a new product. nice idea.

  42. Omenuko Adaobi promise

    Thanks to Guinness….a nice way to reduce sugar…

  43. Ezenwajiugo Somto Prosper

    this is specifically for those guys that say u don’t drink two bottles of malt and den go on 2 consume 5bottles of u can consume one crate of guineas herbal malt….(really funny,guineas herbal malt) I think I should go and produce my own(Mr.Baron herbal Zobo)

  44. this us nice cause the sugar rate is getting much and which lead to diabites group 15

  45. chidozie chiazokam Jennifer

    All thanks to Guiness herbal malt.
    This is just what have been missing in the lives of the diabetes patients.
    Once again all thanks to them.

  46. nwankwo blessing chinaza

    All thanks to Guineas herbal malt

  47. what we need now is a drink without sugar and guiness has empowers us with free sugar drink. group (8) quiz no (67)

  48. this is what we need, something to finally drain the swelling rate of diabetes. Guinness Nigeria PLC carry go…

  49. Nnabuenyi Samuel Somto

    Nice and acknowledgeable business ethics to start up something new
    Group 4
    Quiz number 19

  50. Onyia Ogochukwu Mary

    This is indeed a great idea. Guiness herbal malt drink will help reduce the rate of sugar of intake and will also be good for diabetic patients.

  51. Onyia Ogochukwu Mary

    This is indeed a great idea. Guiness herbal malt drink will help reduce the rate of sugar of intake.

  52. All thanks to guiness nigeria plc for the great idea they brought.The Guiness herbal malt will reduce the rate of diabetes in the world.

  53. All thanks to Guinness malt for their new product which will help reduce the rate of diabetes.

  54. I must confess that this new guinness malt herb is wow wow for diabetes.

  55. Thanks to Guinness new innovation atleast people can now go to the market with the agenda of buying a sugar free drink.People will no longer have difficulty in picking a drink with less sugar in a function or even in the market.
    Name:Chiekwe Blessing.N.


    Malta Guinness Herbal…. nice product

  57. Victoria Anikor

    Wow! that is good,thank God for the step taken to save people from too much intake of sugar which can cause diabetes Kudos! to GUINNESS COMPANY job well done.
    quiz no:124
    group no:14

  58. Thanks to guiness herbal Malta, they are indeed solving a need

  59. nice one, all thanks to guiness company, this can help to curb the rate of sugar intakes by the people
    (quiz no:94,group no:6)

  60. its good to consider the state of consumer at times its good to consider the state of consumers not only looking forward to making profit alone. thanks to Guinness company who took time to understand and to find solution to the state of sugar consumption….(40)

  61. Guiness rules. Seen a little solution 2 help reduce diabitics. Kudos

  62. wow what a nice one at least the new development of this product with the low sugar free in it atleast it will help our youth to be conscious of the way they take drinks with high sugar in which can actually cause diabetes because some of them can’t actually do without it, cudos to this new product

  63. Erokwu crystal chinelo

    Lol, amusing thanks Guiness.
    Group number :15
    Quiz number :20

  64. this new drink medium will help reduce at least 10% rate of diabetes if taken

  65. SUBERB
    Guinness company thanks for introducing this HERBAL drink

  66. Udogu Ogechi Victory

    Thank u guinness for this drink, this will really help to reduce obesity

  67. The herbal malt is so medicinal inside the body system,it is one of the best malt,it reduces the rate of diabetes and high rate of sugar inside d body system.


    Nice improvement… Less sugar good for all

  69. Iweorah ezinne Esther

    Another medicine for controlling sugar, thanks guinness malt. Quiz no8 group 11

  70. Nnanyelugo karen

    All cheers to the new herbal malt…with this the high rate of sugar intake is reduced and lives are equally saved!!


  71. A very good drink for diabetic patients. Thank you Guiness herbal malt for this drink.

  72. great step guinness at least it will reduce the diabetes.

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