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Heartless! 3-year-old child assaulted by Ghanaian Father for defecating in Bedroom


Kwabena (Pix credit: laila)

This is one of those stories you should find difficult to believe, yet it happened live in Ghana. Reports have it that a 3-year-old child, Kwabena has been disfigured by his father with a swollen mouth and scars on his body for defecating in the bedroom. The 45-year-old dad, Mr. Anokye from Oseikwame in Asunafo North, Brong Ahafo Region, Ghana, who has been arrested by Mmim Police, was said to have ‘caned the little boy mercilessly for allegedly defecating in the bedroom.’

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  1. ogonna Marycynthia nkemjika

    God hv mercy for dix generation!!!!! Wat a wicked man,dix man z heartless ,God will Neva gv mi dix type of fada both nw and next word to come.

  2. Dumaka Francis U

    This is a pure act of wickedness and heartlessness,to me a DNA should be conducted to ascertain if the man is the biological father of that boy because to me no father or human in his right sense can unleash such harm on a fellow not to his own blood,after the DNA he should undergo a psychiatric test to confirm his state of sanity,the Ghanaian govt should handle this case professionally so that the outcome will be a warning to other who intend to indulge in such,this is his son,who knows the wife’s state of health,#saynotochildabuseanddomesticviolence.

  3. what a world!what kind of world are we living in,God save us from this wicked world

  4. udorji ozioma yvonne

    is quit unfortunate(2015054032)

  5. Okeke chiamaka gabriella

    For the man to cane the 3yrs old boy this way shows that the man is heartless and wicked.. He dose not worth being a father..
    GROUP 15A
    NO 21

  6. What an wicked act
    Quiz number:18 Group number:15 A

  7. this man is not worthy to be called a father. parents are meant to counsel and correct their children of their mistake and not beating them like slaves.

  8. okonkwo chukwnonso2016054090(Q3)

    This man is a very wicked man for done such. A wicked thing to his own daughter a wicked thing
    I even think that girl is not his daughter even a DNA test is conducted thank God i didnt have a father like this man

  9. This wickedness is too much,fathers like this are meant to face the punishment!

  10. What kind of wicked world are we,how can a father do this to his own son.group 15 no 11

  11. This story is indeed unbelievable, how can a reasonable father do this to his son all because of defecation. Gush! that evil Ghanian father should be punished by Ghanian officers o haba

  12. So bad this is a sign of Wickedness 15B..

  13. chisom Janefrances

    This is was they called Wickedness.
    how sure if this man is truly the father of the boy because can’t imagine how a so-called father did such a heartless act.the man deserved a serious punishment.
    what a world…..

  14. What is this world turning into
    This is wickedness

    Can’t imagine my dad doing this to me

    May God help us.

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