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Health! Can tampons and pads expire? Expert Replies

Some people are of the opinion that sanitary pads do not have expiry date. Well here is an expert view from experienced hands in the health industry.  Checkout this revealing piece posted on mamamia.com to get vital information on whether sanitary pads and the dangers of using expired ones.

Can tampons and pads expire?

Using these items outside a certain time frame has the potential to cause a “horrible” infection.

“It was essentially fungus growing on the teabag. The same thing can happen with pads and tampons.”

A naturally beautiful image to conjure.

Dr McKay says there can be pretty unhealthy ramifications for using the products outside their expiry.

“There is a risk of fungus and bacteria growing on the pad or tampon, and then when you’re putting that inside, you could be producing a horrible fungal infection.”

Dr McKay adds that although typical tampons and pads do expire after five years, it’s important to note that they may expire far earlier than that.

“A lot of the experiments are done when [the pads and tampons] live in optimal conditions and probably in conditions less than 30 degrees.

“So, in hot or humid weather, the lifespan may be less than what it quotes on the label.”

He reminds anyone who may be looking for signs of fungus and bacteria to recognise you mightn’t always be able to see it.

“You can still have bacteria there, you just may not be able to see it because it may be microscopic,” he says.

(culled from mamamia.com)

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  1. thanks for the knowledge Doc, never knew that pads and tampons do expire

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