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He Came to My House to Pay my Bride Price But Ended Up Marrying my Sister Because of My…

Wonders shall never end. This case of Alice is currently trending on social media.

She claims her suitor on the day of her engagement dumped her for the younger sister because she had bigger hips

See her story as shared by relationship expert Osigwe Omo-Ikirodah:


My suitor has decided to put me to shame in front of the whole world.

I dated Kola for six months and two weeks before he decided to propose to me. He said he was in a hurry to get married as age was no longer on his side.

Kola just got promoted in his place of job with a good salary package and felt it was time he got married and settle down.

I agreed with him in totality and we started planning our wedding.

On the day of my introduction, Kola came to my father’s house in a convoy of about six exotic cars, he was looking so charming and rich.

Immediately on his arrival my younger sister was at hand to receive him.

That was how the cookie crumbled because immediately he met my sister and they had a word together his behaviour changed.

During the introduction ceremony, Kola bluntly told my parents it was Amaka my younger sister he came for.

He said he was ready to pay the bride price no matter the cost. My dad who was a little bit confused called my younger sister to inquire from her about her consent. I was dumbfounded when my sister said he knows him since and yes she was ready to marry him.

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As we speak my family are making preparations for Amaka to marry my suitor.

When I tried finding out from him why the sudden change he answered and said Amaka has more hips than me and he would remain faithful if he marries Amaka than me. He has promised to compensate me.

Please how can I stop this wedding to my sister?

This one is beyond my comprehension please let us hear from you guys.


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