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Half-naked Climate Change Protesters Storm UK Parliament, See What They Did (Watch Video)

In what has been described as one of the greatest security breaches in the UK parliament, some climate change protesters stripped and interrupted commons debate in a very bizarre way today.

Some of the protesters were singing Nelly the Elephant while under the gaze of Parliamentarians

Several of the ‘Extinction Rebellion’ group glued themselves to the window dividing MPs from the watching public in the biggest Commons security breach since 2014, reports Daily Mail.

Labour MP Peter Kyle joked about the ‘naked truth’ as MPs’ attention was distracted from his speech by the demonstration.

Most were wearing only thong-style underwear which left little to the imagination.

Shocked MPs including former Labour leader Ed Miliband glanced up at the group as they stripped off behind the glass screen that separate the chamber from the public gallery.

Members of the ‘Extinction Rebellion’ group glued themselves to the window dividing MPs from the watching public

Some of the protesters were singing Nelly the Elephant while under the gaze of Parliamentarians.

Savannah, an English literature student from Ladbroke Grove in west London, was one of the naked protesters.

She said: ‘A bunch of people glued themselves to the window in the public gallery.

‘Everyone stripped and two people were elephants and had climate crisis written on them.

‘We were pointing at them as the elephants in the room of the Brexit debate.’

She added: ‘Personally I don’t care that much about Brexit.

‘I think it’s fine that people do but I think there are bigger things right now.

The semi-naked demonstration is the most significant breach of security in the public gallery since a man hurled a bag of marbles at the glass screen in October 2014.

The barrier was erected to separate MPs from the public after Tony Blair was pelted with purple powder during PMQs in 2004.

Police officers removed today’s demonstration, which failed to halt debate on the floor of the Commons, after around 30 minutes, using an unidentified liquid to free their hands.

Several of them refused to walk out with police and had to be carried out from the gallery as Commons doorkeepers picked up their abandoned clothes.

All other members of the public who turned out to watch the debate were also asked to leave.
Tory minister Mims Davies said: ‘The campaigners in House of Commons gallery have managed to get naked, glue their hands to the glass but most interestingly as well some retain their security lanyards if not many clothes.’

And Brexit hardliner Andrea Jenkyns said: ‘And they say Brexiteers are extremists! I ain’t getting my clothes off, Even for Brexit. Mad world!’

An Extinction Rebellion spokesman said the naked protest was an effort ‘to try and force the issue up the news agenda as far as possible so it breaks through the Brexit Radar’.

‘They have gone in there knowing they will be arrested. They are willingly doing this,’ he added.

Twelve climate change protesters were later arrested on suspicion of outraging public decency, Scotland Yard said.

Source: Daily Mail


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