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Habits That Put You At Risk Of Teeth Sensitivity! Teeth Beat

One of the common dental problems these days is teeth sensitivity. People who suffer from teeth sensitivity for some months before help came to their way describe the feeling as painful and shock-sensation .
A dental surgeon with Nene Dental clinic Abuja Dr Callistus Iwalome said teeth sensitivity simply means the reaction of the teeth to air, cold water, sometimes juices (sweety or acidic) fruits or sugar with chilling sensation that can be come uncomfortable which some patients refers to as pain. If you experience pain or discomfort when consuming food or beverage that is hot or cold, sweet or sour when you are brushing or flossing or even when breathing sharp cold air, you may have teeth sensitivity, he said .
Dr Iwalome said teeth sensitivity is caused by the following; Wrong techniques of brushing, using hard toothbrush, attriction which means chewing hard things like bone, teeth grinding ,ageing and certain professions, among others, adding that when the enamel wears out, there would be sensitivity.
He said attriction can be a major cause of teeth sensitivity, adding that those who eat a lot of hard things such as bone or chew hard things can have teeth sensitivity. .
Another dental surgeon with Wise District Hospital, Abuja, Dr Albert Ahkidenor, described teeth sensitivity as a pain that usually results when the dentine, a part of the teeth is exposed.
He explained that tooth has three parts enamel, dentine and pulp. “Anything that touches the dentine would trigger a short sharp pain. It is usually caused by stimuli, which could be cold, hot or sweet things, or acidic things like oranges,” he said.
Dr Ahkidenor added that teeth sensitivity in some people could also be caused by trauma such as accident or grinding of teeth. Other factors include ageing and certain professions; “some professions expose people to sensitivity. For instance, people who charge batteries cut cables with their teeth as some of these contains chemical.
“Even mechanics who suck fuel with their mouth, that could destroy the teeth; anything that would destroy the enamel first.when the enamel is exposed, the dentine gets exposed and results in sensitivity,” he noted. The medical expert further said smoking cold expose someone to teeth sensitivity; and those that use their teeth to cut things, or open drinks, could be exposed to sensitivity.
The dentist said people should try to see dentists at least twice a year. Also no matter how hard people brush, there are stains that cannot be removed adding that is where professional care comes into play. “Your dentist would do general cleaning for you called “scaling and polishing”, he said.
He advised those that already have teeth sensitivity to commence the use of desensitizing toothpaste and it’s important to change our brush twice or thrice a year and to cultivate the habit of brushing twice daily.
Dr Ahkidenor says that prevention is multi – factorial, you have to be mindful of your habit. For instance, for those that use hard toothbrushes that destroy the enamel covering the tooth, when the enamel is destroyed, the dentine becomes exposed and there is sensitivity. He urged people to use soft or medium bristle brush and engage in proper brushing for everybody to maintain healthy teeth.

Written By Ifeoma Irechukwu 

(with reports from Daily Trust)


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  1. Obiechina Ifunanya Vivian

    Anything that concerns teeth is delicate, likewise the eyes. So one should be careful and ensure he checkmate himself always.

  2. Obiechina Ifunanya Vivian

    Teeth is a delicate part of the body and should be treated with care. So it’s good if one Checkmates himself always.

  3. obidigbo ifeoma Christabel

    Tooth ache is the worse sickness one would have because it affects every other sense in the body. I sure have learned something.

  4. Chukwuanu Ekpereamaka Peace

    Regular teeth check up can help.

  5. Irechukwu Ifeoma

    You can imagine when you fell like Eating like others and your teeth is not helping matter. I think we should take proper care of our teeth .

  6. Irechukwu Ifeoma

    You can imagine when you fell like Eating like others and your teeth is not helping matter. I think we should take proper care of our teeth.

  7. Taking proper care of the teeth is very important….. good lessons

  8. Tooth problems can be very devastating eh

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