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Grand Romeo and Juliet! Elderly Couple Married for 45 Years Kiss Intimately in Public

Pix credit: Laphy Photography

This trending picture was said to have made so many onlookers to melt with envy. In times of so many failed marriages, Grandpa and Grandma are showing young people what true love should be. What do you think about this move?

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  1. true love indeed..not the ones our youth are deceiving their self of..2016054154

  2. umeh blessing chinelo

    true love still exist 2015054106

  3. they are in love,yes but not to the extent of kissing in public

  4. Simon Chiamaka Peace

    Lol funny grandpa trying to eat grandma’s lips lol… nice one tho. both trying to let us know that love still exist among the aged.

    Quiz no 89
    Group 11

  5. Okeke Chiamaka Gabriella

    This is funny i must say… grandpa and grandma advertising true love to our upcoming youths lol.

    Quiz no 21
    Group 15A

  6. Okeke Chiamaka Gabriella

    Funny I must say… grandpa and grandma advertising true love to our upcoming youths lol.

    Quiz no 21
    Group no 15A

  7. This is lovely and as the saying goes true love never dies .
    Quiz no:103

  8. Wow this marriage is one built on solid love and understanding
    Reg no:2016054050
    quiz no: 118

  9. Its lovely,emotional and inspirational.with this young ladies out there will be able to know that true love still exist and also learn to keep there marraige intact no matter the ups and down.God keeping us with our patterns so that our grandchildren we celebrate our marrgage anivarsery.

  10. Omenuko Adaobi promise

    So romantic…True love still exist afterall.I pray God continue to bless your marriage
    Quiz 129

  11. wow,this is really true love,its still in existence,nice one
    quiz no:94,group no:6

  12. Chineze Kate Ozobia

    True romance isn’t Romeo and Juliet who died together but grandma and grandpa who grew old together. Group15 01

  13. True love they say still exist

    Quiz no: 73

  14. True love never dies, Wup it love birds

  15. Wow this is so sweet. True love really do exist
    Group 8
    Quiz number 97

  16. I believe this is a good move. younger couples should aspire to last as long as they have.(107)


    let’s call it true love

  18. chisom Janefrances

    this is actually what they call true love not the one our youth are doing

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