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Global Communication and ICTs! Outdoor Quiz

Global communication refers to exchange of ideas through verbal and non verbal means across international borders. It is a process that breeds globalization.
Global communication is an ICT-driven process used to connect, share, relate and mobilize across geographic, political, economic, social and cultural divides.
At the root of this process is the global media. Such global channels such as CNN, Al Jazeera, and the internet platforms aid this process.

Recall that in class we discussed how global communication is the livewire of globalization. Now we are to do a simple exercise. Compile a list of global media outfits that are at the heart of the process of globalization.

Let’s do it this way. Each of the candidates that were in our last class will get specific jobs to do. In class we had Vincent, Jane and Chinelo.

This one is just a simple exercise to get acquainted with the global communication environment we will be operating in.

Question 1. Define global communication in pidgin English

Question 2. This segment has specific question for each candidate

Chinelo – Compile a list of Top 20 global news agencies and write a short note on each (not more than three sentences).

Vincent – Compile a list of Top 20 news agencies in AFRICA and write a short note on each (not more than three sentences).

Jane – Compile a list of Top 20 global Television stations and write a short note on each (not more than three sentences).

The information is everywhere online. Just browse and pick out what you need.

I must confess that three of you impressed me in your last quiz. Keep it up.

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Deadline for this quiz is Monday July 9, by 10pm.

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  1. Ezeuko chinelo.
    1)Global Communication na de wet people te de throw information from person to person, te de reason together with the de help of wetin de they call ICT across the de world.

  2. Ezeuko Chinelo
    News agency is an organization that gathers news reports and sells them to subscribing news organizations such as magazines, newspapers,radio and television broadcasters. It may also be referred to a wire service, newswire or news service.

  3. Ezeuko Chinelo

    Ezeuko Chinelo.
    1)Ap(Associated press) was founded in 1846 in New York as not for profit News Agency.
    2)Reuters was founded in 1851 in England.
    3)AFP(Agency France presses) was founded in 1944 becoming the third biggest news agency after Ap and Reuters.
    4)Upi(United press international) was founded in 1958 in UsA.
    5)xinhua News agency was founded as red China news service in the Chinese Soviet republic in the year 1931.

  4. Ezeuko Chinelo

    Ezeuko Chinelo.
    6)CNA(central news agency) was founded in April 1924 in Taiwan.
    7)IPS(inter press service) was founded in 1964 in united state.
    8)Te’lam was founded in Argentina in 1945.
    9)Islamic Republic News agency was launch in 1934 in Iran.
    10)CAJ news agency, Johannesburg was founded in Burkinafaso.its African news agency that supply regional, continental, and international news.
    11)Agenzia National Stampa Associated was founded in Rome in Italy in 1945.

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