Monday , October 2 2023

Gladiators Prepare for SUG Elections in COOU

The Students Union Government (SUG) Presidential elections in Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu University (COOU) has saturated the atmosphere in the institution in view of the level of excitement it is generating.

As at the last count, nine candidates had indicated interest to move into the exalted position of SUG president.

Can it be called the zeal to lead the students or quest for power? Or is it because of the upcoming Anambra State governorship election? Some say it is greed and Okpolo eye for money that is moving most of the aspirants.

Never in the history of Chukwuemka Odumegwu Ojukwu University has it been heard that more than six persons are aspiring for the office of the President in the Student Union Government (S.U.G) level, ranging from the past governments of Com. Obiako Casmire, Com. Nze Samuel Onunkwor, Com. Ijeh Felix down to the present and incumbent president Com. Anumudu Clement.

Several contenders have emerged from various faculties. This is serious as faculty of Law is represented by two candidates namely Mr. Kizito Okoye (kizzy cares) and Mr. Michael Umunnakwe (dynamic mickey), while faculty of Management Sciences is represented by two candidates namely Mr. Azuogaranya Charles from entrepreneurship department and Mr. Chibuzor Bravo from Business Administration department.

The faculty of Social Sciences are also represented by four contenders namely: Mr. Agazie Bonaventure Tochukwu (CATTY) from Mass Communication department, R.T.R. Philip Onwusobalu from Psychology department, Com. Henry-Bible Unogu and Mr. Oforkansi Alex, both from Sociology department. Also, Political Science Education in the faculty of Education is represented by Mr. Esedo Christian.

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  1. Dr, u re doing a great job,I know its not easy and it will never be easy,all the same,the lord is ur strength. More power to ur elbow. Nice one


    nice work doc.
    God bless you
    God bless COOU

  3. This years sug election is going to be tough one,due so many candidates applying for the post…may the best man win someone WHO would stay coou to the next level….group 2 quiz number: 73

  4. I think Agazie will win (30)

  5. coou all the way

  6. This year SUG election is going to be tough one due to the fact that there are so many candidate going for the post.may the best man win someone who would take coou to the next level quiz number 73

  7. To my own opinion on this issue of nine candidate coming out for sug election from different faculties is more better because this will enable all faculties and department to willingly support any member of their choice and this will reduce the high rate of partiality for instance when one faculty will choose a representative which will not be the choice leader of other faculties. (2)group2

  8. nwufo vivian Chidimma (106) " group 2"

    wow, lots of contestant, but believe me Agazie is the best, should and will emerge the winner. He is naturally endowed with wisdom, knowledge and understanding. Up you brother.

  9. Udogu Ogechi Victory

    SUG election of this year looks the one that will be credible, because all Departments are bringing out somebody who they think is due for the seat…and the most important is that the faculty officers are in this. So we are looking forward to see a free and fair election

    Group1 (112).2016054141

  10. Anene Emmanuel Ejiofor

    It is no longer an unknown fact to the sane that most aspirants are only cut out to gaining, rather than working for the students as a whole. Some selfish ones are only aspiring there to exploit the management there by affecting the chances of any meaningful development in the school environments. As a matter_of_factly, my advice to my fellow students is to vote a candidate who is people_minded, who through his administration a reduction to the exorbitant school fees would be obtainable,a more palatable class rooms will be built and a scholarship scheme to alleviate the poor would be enacted. As for me Bonaventure Agazie is the best choice, and the reason for such assertion is not built on bias foundation rather on the solid rock of”tasted and trusted experience ” they taste of an orange is not ascertained by mere looking at, but by tasting it__ vote him and see for yourself. (37)GROUP 7

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