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Gender and Communication Studies! Outdoor Quiz

In our last class we discussed the multifaceted meaning of gender, not restricted to the most common definition of the term from the binary perspective. We saw that gender means more than the binaries in contemporary world.

Our interest is to assess how various genders and gendered perceptions impact the communication process. To begin with, let us be clear on our working definition of gender.

So let’s start by asking you what you understand by the word “gender” and how it differs from sex. Get the questions right. All answers MUST be provided in pidgin English. This quiz is for only those who were in the last class.

1. Wetin be gender?

2. Wetin be the difference between gender and sexuality?

Deadline for the quiz is 10pm tomorrow (Monday, July 9).

Answers MUST be in pidgin English



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  1. Gender na role and task man or woman do in the society way they are known for in public generally.

  2. The difference between gender and sexuality be say, gender na the role, function and task that differciate a man a from a woman but sexuality na biological features that tell us say a man na man why a woman na woman.

  3. Dimokwu Marypetra .C

    1) Gender na the roles wey person suppose do, wetin the society say make them Dey do.the gender Be wetin the society say make man and woman Dey for for them and this roles or work dey according to whether the person be man or woman. The society expect say man go behave like man and woman go behave like woman.
    2) the difference between gender and sexuality be say: gender na roles way the society say make the man and the woman go dey do for the society and wetin the society say make man dey do, make man behave like man and no be like woman while sexuality na the biological features way them dey use know say this person na man and say the other person na woman, na how people dey take know man and woman.

  4. Edokwe Onyinyechi

    1. wetin be Gender? Gender na the many things wey be characteristics wey country people dey carry give man becos say ibi man and woman becos say ibi woman. Dis things wey be characteristics no be as God take do am. Na we country people take our hand putam. Say woman no fit be oga for we country becos ibi woman. Woman no fit go school becos ibi woman.

    2. wetin be the difference within gender and sexuality ? Gender and sex no be de same thing dey mean. Sex na wetin pesin carry com for dis world. Na as him God take make d pesin as them bornam man or woman. Wen we see dos things as nature take create d pesin,naibi sex.Sex mean sey,d pesin na male (boy) or female (girl). But gender na wetin people dey call pesin as girl or boy as him character or social life de show. As him de act and de behafe,na gender not sex. Infact sex na nature de show wetin de pesin as his his body,head,hair,even eyes d show. – Festus Ntomchukwu

  5. Orakwelu Olileanyam O.

    Reg. No: 2017052008

    Wetin be Gender?
    Gender fii be system of roles and relationships wey we fii see between women and men wey we no go talk say na biology carry am come rather we go reason am via social, political and economic level.
    Gender na one kin social construct wey be say societies dey expect to dey see or say dey don carry different roles come give men and women.
    If you want talk about gender, na im be say you want dey yan about who we be and wetin we dey do.
    Na for gender you go see every every wey concern the role society dey expect may you play.

    2.) Wetin be the difference between gender and sexuality?
    Sex na the biological features or role of a person, while we go talk say Gender na roles wey them don give person, wetin don make person a man or woman for society.
    Na for sex we go talk say person na woman or im be man.
    Na the roles wey dem don give person na im we go see as gender. Na da role wey be gender, you no go take am as sex because say this one(sex), na biological features.
    We fii see men wey be male sexually but their gender dey show say dem be female o even dis kin tin fii dey women dem side.

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