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Gender and Communication Studies! Outdoor Quiz (500 level)

Recall that we discussed gender landscape and media landscape in class, explaining the relationship between the two. We believe you understood the lecture. We also discussed the relationship between gender and advertising, mentioning a few advertising stereotypes to buttress our points.

Carefully study the adverts below and do an analysis of portrayal of gender stereotypes in them. Mention the ones that portray men or women in a particular way, then mention the ones that portray culture shock.








You have 30 minutes for this quiz.

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  1. 1)advert stereotype portray a woman using kitchen utensils for eazy cooking
    2)culture shock
    3)portray the female gender
    4)culture shock
    5) portray female gender I.e the product will sell more because females toning their skin more than males
    6)culture shock
    7)portray female gender.

  2. Udubrai obediah o.

    1) portrays female gender
    2)culture shock
    3)portrays female gender
    4)culture shock
    5)portrays female gender
    6)culture shock
    7)fmportrays female gender

  3. Obi Marylinda Chinyere
    No 3
    Question 1
    This picture portrays that the only job for women is to take care of all the activities in the house. Yo cook, clean the house and makes sure that everywhere is in other.

    No 2:
    This number portrays Culture Shock. It portrays a woman as being naughty and drinks which is not our culture.

    No 3:
    This portrays a woman as the person in charge of the kitchen and takes care of feeding the family.

    No 4:
    This is another Culture Shock.It portrays a man carrying pregnancy which is not our culture.

    No 5:
    This portrays the need for women to also take care of themselves too
    No 6:
    This portrays Culture Shock.
    It shows that men takes care of the dishes which is the female role in our culture.

    No 7:
    This portrays that women work dose not only ends in the kitchen but also extends other works e.g..Office work for the family upkeep.

  4. okonkwo Mary ogechukwu 2013/p/05/001 quiz no 12

    6.potrays culture shock, weather little or big women are known for kitchen in our society.for a man to be at the kitchen washing plates it’s not acceptable in our society but it’s acceptable in the developed countries like america

  5. okonkwo Mary ogechukwu 2013/p/05/001

    7.female gender is potrayed doing what they known for which is cooking the little child learn from the mum

  6. obikaigbo Ebere .D. 2013/p/05/011 no.6

    2. that wine potrays that any man that sees it will be tempted to buy it because of the packaging.

  7. obikaigbo Ebere.D. 2013/p/05/011 no.6

    4. it potrays that man beeing pregnant is abnormal because is meant for women this is called culture shock

  8. obikaigbo Ebere.D. 2013/p/05/011 no.6

    5. it potrays women maybe u like about the completion of the person ,that will make you buy the product

  9. obikaigbo Ebere.D. 2013/p/05/011 no.6

    6. it potrays washing plate is culture shock because it is where people are battling to understand.

  10. Agaba Paul, 2014/p/05/005. Quiz no. 9. The first advertisement has a picture of a woman displaying some items which most of the items appears to be kitchen utensils and basically for domestic jobs. Having in mind that our society in this part of the world is dominated with binary genders, it portrays the stereotype that kitchen and domestic jobs are meant for women or female gender. The second advert shows the picture of a woman swimming in a cup of alcohol (beer) like a fish, it portrays that alcohol is not only meant for a particular gender, but it is a culture shock because it is not our culture as a conservative society for our women to drink alcohol to stupor. The third advert has the picture of mother, children and​ Indomie noodles, it is stereotyped​ that the product target audience is mainly children and the female folks.The 4th advert has a picture of a man and a woman, the man has a big tommy more like pregnant, while the woman looks trimmed, it’s a culture shock, in our binary society, women are to be pregnant and not men. The 5th advert has a woman looking very happy, with a product (milk) which portrays that milk is only good for women, the 6th advert shows a man cleaning up the house which is doing a domestic job, it’s stereotyped to be the job of a woman, it’s a culture shock because the audience will find it very difficult to understand what he is doing, then I don’t think it will add any societal value to other men out there, seeing a man cleaning up the house and a woman is seen in the picture folding her arms. The last advert shows a mother and her daughter in the kitchen, while she is cooking, the daughter is watching and learning how to cook from her mom, it is typical about mothers to teach their female children how to cook as it has been stereotyped also that women are more useful in the kitchen. It also portrays socio-cultural attributes.

  11. obikaigbo Ebere.D. 2013/p/05/011 no.6

    7.this potrays women beeing in kitchen,because they are meant to be in kitchen not the other way round.

  12. Okoro ifeanyi zion

    Sir pls my own has not been uploaded (comments ) Okoro zion

  13. Okoro ifeanyi zion

    Sir pls my own comments has not been added . Okoro zion 2013/p/05/012

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