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Gender and Communication! Class Activity (Watch Interesting Videos Done By 500 Level Students On Gender Issues)

We discussed issues in gender and communication. Among such issues are gender and agriculture, gender and culture, and traditional gendered jobs. We embarked on various presentations reflecting issues on gender discussed in class. Some of the activities depicted gender issues in rural areas while others looked at gender issues in the cities.

There exists gender double standards in Nigerian culture, where there are things men do that women are not allowed to do based on culture. For instance, women are not allowed climb trees yet they are free to plant them. The class was then given specific topics to portray various ways culture is exhibiting gender imbalance or double standards in the society. Here are a some of the productions submitted by students which we intend to analyse in class.


Provide a brief analysis of each of the videos here. State whether the message was well understood and why you think so. Tell us what you think should have been done tomake the video better. MAKE SURE YOU DON’T ANALYSE YOUR OWN VIDEO.

Only those who have submitted their videos should answer this question.

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  1. 1)in video 1 the message that was passed was well understood because in our country Nigeria men don,t shake hands with women,traditions like Delta south,central a married woman does not shake hands with a man.but the video was dark and not that clear.
    2)In video 2 the message would have been more understand when a woman is about urinating in a place and a man passing by will shout at her telling her not to try that, that if she does it has repacaution.and there was noise in the background.

  2. Video 1, the presenter did the video in a farm, she created a good environment that suits her topic, but the sign in and sign out audio was poor. Video 2,is quite understandable, even without audio, one can easily understand what happened there, very beautiful editing effect, but would have been more wonderful if she had interviewed one of the men in the gathering,in video 3, the presenter would have acted as the victim who was shunned, with her facial expression showing that the female genders are being marginalized. Video 4 had a good presentation and analogy, but would have been more beautiful if she tried taking part in what she described as what a man can do, a woman can do it better, that would have convinced the audience.

  3. Obi Marylinda Chinyere

    The message was understood but the vedio wasn’t audible enough at the introductory stage.
    The message was clear and understandable but would have been better if she interviewed one of the men in the gathering.
    3:The vedio was clearly understood but would have been better if a woman was showed in the viedo.
    The message was understood but he shouldn’t have said that “this is not a job for people like us” because he is a man and also, there was no consequences stated if a woman happens to climb the palm tree.
    The message passed was understood, the vedio was ok but it could have been better if she had asked the woman question first before she start answering.
    The message would have been better understood if she showed the writeup she said that is at the entrance were it is writing that women who are on there mensis should not enter and she would have controlled the way she flings her hands nevertheless, the message was understood.

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