’90Fun Puppy 1′! See the Latest Robotic Suitcase that Follows You Around to be Launched in the US, about 160 Thousand Sold Within 24 Hours in China (Watch Video)

Technology is really focusing on problems. This suitcase which was first manufactured some years back can actually follow you around. You don’t have to worry about carrying your luggage yourself.The suitcase always stays an arms length away from you, so it will not make you uncomfortable at all.

This latest version called ’90Fun Puppy 1′ will be launched in a couple of days in the US Consumer electronics show.

What do you think about flooding this suitcase into the Nigerian market?

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It was only 25 years ago that rolling luggage was developed and eased tension in the shoulders of passengers carrying a heavy load. Since then, even smaller items like laptop briefcases and backpacks are available in rolling varieties.

The concept was taken to the next level in 2012 by a graduate student in London who developed “hop! the following suitcase” with the hope to make luggage completely hands free, reports The Blaze.

The Daily Mail reports “hop! the following suitcase” was developed by 28-year-old Rodrigo Garcia Gonzalez using bluetooth technology. If the bag loses signal, it will stop, lock up and vibrate the owner’s phone to let them know it is no longer tagging along.

Today, a China-based company has further taken the technology to a higher level with a latest version that has greater features.

This latest version called ’90Fun Puppy 1′ would be launched in a couple of days in the US Consumer electronics show. It was manufactured by a China-based company.


90Fun Puppy 1

The China-based company is launching a new suitcase that follows travelers around. As the name implies, like a puppy. The 90Fun Puppy 1 (say that five times fast) is slated to launch in the U.S. at next week’s Consumer Electronics Show.

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Puppy 1 may not be the first smart suitcase with auto-follow features, but the company says that its following suitcase is the first to use self-balance technology, thanks to a partnership with Segway. Despite having two wheels rather than four, the suitcase will self-balance as it follows you around the airport.

The follow feature is set up using an auto-follow chip and a positioning system, 90Fun says. The follow mode is adjusted through a remote control, which also allows travelers to “summon” the suitcase, according to the company.

The suitcase offers 20 inches of packing space and, despite the auto-follow, still includes a rolling handle.

Puppy 1 may be the company’s first launch in the U.S., but the brand has had success in China, where 90Fun recently took the top sales in luggage on a popular shopping day with 160,000 suitcases sold in 24 hours.

“Targeting the U.S. market is the first step in 90Fun’s international branding strategy because this is where first adopters of new technology gather and the strong curiosity inherent in this region makes it a perfect place to launch our smart suitcase,” Miao Liu, 90Fun CEO, said in a press release.

The idea of a suitcase that follows you around isn’t entirely new — the Cowarobot R1, which launched last year, also boasts auto follow and sensors to preventing it from running into other travelers or down a flight of stairs. Unlike the Puppy 1, the Cowarobot balances on four wheels rather than the Segway-inspired two wheels.

The Puppy 1 joins a growing line of smart luggage, from the autofollow and the ride-on types to the suitcases that convert to other items, like a desk or high chair.

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The 90Fun brand is part of Shanghai Runmi Technology Co. Ltd., a company that launched in 2015. Details on the smart suitcase’s availability and price have not yet been released, but that information could be coming at CES, reports digitaltrends.com.


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