Friday , May 20 2022

Fun? See Pictures of Dog Meat Festival Which Kicked off in China Amidst Outrage by Western Activists

The festival is on-going in the Chinese city of Yulin. It is all about slaughtering dogs and feeding on their flesh in public and private gatherings. This seems to be a cherished tradition in Yulin but Western animal rights activists are outraged over the massive slaughter of dogs during the festival. These activists thought they had won this year when it was rumoured that the event had been cancelled. But they were wrong. It went ahead and dozens of dogs are currently in several people’s stomachs in Yulin.

Tourists and residents of Yulin enjoying dog meat publicly during the festival
mass slaughter of dogs during the festival

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  1. obidigbo ifeoma Christabel

    Dog is a free animal and could be eaten at anytime, there is nothing like animals having right.

  2. What kind of “animal right” are they talking about;right to live and mingle among humans,then die and be wasted or right not to be eaten publicly? Well I need to know because dogs are like other animals like goat,pussy cats,etc. This will also reduce the rate of rabies in that community.

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