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Frying Pan to Fire! Driver, Passengers Plunge into Ditch while Running Away from Road Safety Officials

Trending now is a story shared on Facebook by someone who saw a vehicle in a ditch allegedly running away from Federal Road Safety Corp (FRSC) officials.

The FRSC officials were allegedly pursuing a driver. In the course of the hot pursuit, the driver landed in a ditch while trying to evade arrest. According to an online report, the road safety officers abandoned the wounded victims to their own fate and fled the scene.

Read what was shared by Von Nwadukwe on Facebook.

Saw this accident scene at the Ugwu onyeama segment of the enugu – onitsha express way earlier. The car in the ditch fell in there while trying to get away from a team of FRSC officials who were following him in a hot pursuit. Regrettably the officers abandoned the occupants to their own fate and fled the scene though amazingly the occupants survived without life threatening injuries. These are sad realities of what state our dear country is in, where citizens are law breakers and law enforcement agents are indisciplined. We shall overcome.


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  1. Come to think of it for what reason or rhyme will the so called law enforcement agents be found on dilapidated roads where breaks hardly work.They better their positions or get back to their barracks

  2. Uzor Cecilia Ifunanya


  3. Nwankwo onyinye grace

    The government should really do something about this thing ooo

  4. Deborah nwankwo ogechi

    ThankGod no soul was lost..

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