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Foods That Lower Sex Drive, Nos 6 & 7 Will Surprise You

Relationship benefits such as intimacy and happiness are derived from sexual activity. More frequent sexual activity is linked to physical benefits, such as lower blood pressure, and emotional perks, such as reduced stress. So keeping fit for sex is a good idea not just for relationships but for healthy living. But there are foods that dampen sexual drive or libido when you consume them. Here are some you should know about:



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The average joe is aware that excessive drinking leads to erectile dysfunction that prevents people from achieving orgasm and also leaves you exhausted. But with recent research finding that there is no such thing as an ideal consumption of alcohol, you be the judge.

Soy Beans

Soya Beans are a mother’s favourite because it is a recommendable source of protein. The downside is it decreases the sperm count and level of testosterone.

Red meats

Just like oysters, some red meat contains hormones which disrupt a man’s natural hormone balance. However, this only occurs when eaten in large quantities.


Mint. Photo: Healtharticles

Research shows that menthol in the mint lowers testosterone. This does not mean that you should discard your toothpaste which you will agree has been saving lives but your mojitos? Yes, please.


Quinine. Photo: Tambopata Ecolodge

If you are observant of your drinks’ ingredient, you must have come across the Quinine, the ingredient used to add flavour to drinks such as tonic water. Unfortunately, this makes us frigid.


To some, nothing tastes better than chocolate. The sad part is, chocolate contains methylxanthines which make us sleepy and that is definitely not what you want if you are on a date with that special someone.) If you really crave one, go for dark chocolate.


Surprise!! Taking cornflakes before engaging in any sexual activity is a no-no. This is because it reduces sexual urge drastically. And when think of it, it might be why cornflakes are ideal for breakfast.


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