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Food Preservation! How to keep your beans free of weevils

Articles on food preservation techniques are always invaluable, especially in these times when no one wants to lose any food for any reason. Here is a quick guide on how to keep your beans free from weevils. Very interesting read!

    How to keep your beans free of weevils

Preservation of Nigerian grains such as beans, rice, corn, millet is very important because of deadly weevils.

More often than not, especially with beans, when you buy these food ingredients in the market, it is already infested with weevils.

If not controlled, that weevil will multiply into a million weevils and finish up the beans. This is not so common with rice but it has been known to happen so when you experience such with rice and other grains, use the same process.

Beans Preservation

1. Put the grains in an airtight container, cover very well and place in your freezer. The cold temperatures of the freezer will destroy the weevils that are already in the grains.

2. Pour the grains into containers add dry cayenne pepper into the container, close tight and place the container in your store.

The hot and spicy pepper will suffocate the weevils, leaving your grains safe.

Note: Not too much pepper, please.

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  1. Anikor Victoria

    Hmmmm amazing this food preservation process will help people not to waste their food by throwing it away because of weevils.

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