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Five top tips To beat loneliness

We wrote in our last article on Loneliness that it was one of the silent killers in today’s society. We always get worried when we have symptoms of the slightest fever but ignore the real silent killers, one of which is loneliness. As a follow up to that news feature piece by Sarah Knapton of the, we further provide tips on how to defeat loneliness. Read it.

Five top tips To beat loneliness

1 When you meet up with close friends, talk about your feelings not just your jobs or families. Being honest about your life helps people feel closer to you.

2 Plan holidays or birthdays well in advance so that you are never lonely at times when it really matters.

3 Invite out a new person – someone you’ve met in the last month. Take them to a play, film, or out for supper.

4 If you have feelings of loneliness at work, fill your lunch hour with an enjoyable activity: listen to a play on your iPad or start learning a language.

5 Give yourself permission to say no to events where you can’t take a plus one – I finally realised this after an agonising wedding party last summer.

6 Don’t wait for someone to call or email – contact them. If they’re busy it doesn’t mean they are rejecting you. Try again.



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  1. Nice therapy,or you take your Bible and study the word of God.

  2. I love this…. Pure fact.

  3. this fact is real it have to be treat very serious many are dying in it I mean many.

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