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Five Things Every Dad Should Do For Their Girl Child

Father-daughter relationship could be essential in the life of a girl child if the right steps are taken especially by the dad. Fathers should understand what they need to do for their girl child to get the best off the kids. Understanding how spending quality time with your daughter could make life-changing impact with memories that linger throughout her lifetime, is a necessity every father. So how can a Dad play active, life impacting role in his daughter’s life? Here are five basic tips that can guide you.


  1. Dress them for school

Children always see his or her father a role model and abide strictly by their rules. It is always motivating to spend early morning with your dad and listen to his stories and inside jokes. It puts them in a good mood for the day and they are likely to achieve all of their endeavors.

  1. Engage in fun activities with them

This is a way to create exciting, everlasting memories with them. Aside from nurturing their children to be responsible adults, fathers should hang out with their girls. Engage in educative and fun activities such as playing football, chess, scrabble, or other games you know they will enjoy with you.

  1. Take them to the salon

This is a lovely dad-daughter move that can even please your wife. Taking your girl to the salon to fix her hair is the coolest thing any dad can do for her daughter. It gives your wife some alone time to relax and you earn the admiration of women in the saloon. So this move is capable of making double impact in your home.

  1. Prepare breakfast for them on weekend
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This is how to make every weekend memorable for the family. Cook for the family, it might not taste sumptuous as their mother’s meals but they will cherish the time spent cooking with you. You can take some lessons from your wife before doing this in order not to give them a funny memory of you with a terrible meal.

  1. Sex education

This is always seen as a no-go area in many homes especially in Africa. But young people have the right to lead healthy lives and if you understand this, then you won’t see giving your child sex education as a bad idea. It is the responsibility of the father to provide them with honest, age-appropriate comprehensive sexual health education is a key part in helping them take personal responsibility for their health and well-being. You could be saving your child’s future by doing this.


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