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Five Signs Your Partner’s Ex Will Be A Problem In Your Relationship

Relationships hardly fade away especially if they ended well. People agree to move on but whether truly move on is another thing. A new article presents the signs to know that your partner is still attached to his or her ex and when it’s a problem in your current relationship.

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It’s okay to wonder if the relationship you have just entered into is going to wreck you emotionally.
Most often than not, the person you just started dating was with someone before you.
Their break-up could have been messy or possibly amicable, but regardless, some feelings just don’t die.
Here are a few signs to look out for to tell if your partner is not over their ex.
1. No rush to make it official
You’ve been casually but exclusively seeing this person for a couple months and you start to wonder if the relationship should become official.
But every time you suggest it, your partner finds a way to sweep it under the rug.
Labels may not be a big deal but you need it to know you’re (or not) wasting your time.
2. Always talking about him/her
In the most random situations, they always find a way to refer to the ex.
They always bring up a memory, story or an experience to remind you of the relationship they had before you.
3. They still talk and hang out
It’s perfectly normal for exes to remain friends or cordial at the very least.
But if your partner and an ex talk as much as you two do and they often hang out together without you, then there’s a problem.
4. They compare you to the ex
‘You didn’t put enough salt in the food. You know Ngozi was very good at cooking.’
‘You can’t change a flat tire? Paul was so good with his hands.’
If red flags could fly any higher, this is it.
5. Their previous relationship didn’t end badly
The relationship of your partner and an ex didn’t end on bad terms.
Maybe one of them had to relocate to a different county or they decided they had no future because their genotypes are not compatible.
It won’t be a long shot to say that feelings may still remain.
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