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Five businesses Linda Ikeji started and failed before succeeding as a blogger

You might be seeing Linda Ikeji today as a successful blogger without actually having an idea of what she passed through before getting to the top of the blogging business. She definitely understands the secret of successful blogging which is ensuring a constant evolution of resourceful content. This is what keeps people coming back to her blog for more, especially where the blog has highly resourceful contents that users find useful and interesting.

Linda Ikeji is one of the leading bloggers in Africa. She is one blogger that has become a huge brand not just in Nigeria but across Africa, with visitors to her blog, lindaikejiblog, coming from different parts of the world.

Growing up was not very rosy for Linda as she was born into a humble background. She faced financial challenges while growing up. Linda started doing menial jobs and side hustles at the age of 17 to assist herself through school and support her parents as well. Unlike many others who allow their background to discourage them, Linda saw it as an opportunity to encourage herself and strive to get the best out of life. She became passionate about utilizing her talent especially in news hunting and distribution and today, she has ended up one of the leading bloggers in Africa.

But are you aware that Linda had failed in some other businesses she started before becoming a successful blogger? Let’s show you some other businesses and hustles she did before she became a successful blog. She did not succeed in a number of them but never allowed the failures to discourage her from her determination to get the best out of life. Here’s a list of businesses and hustles Linda did before making it big in blogging.

Blackdove Communications

When Linda graduated from UNILAG, she established a modelling agency and events management outfit, Blackdove Communications. This company was part of her early efforts to actualize her dream of impacting the media sector in Nigeria and beyond. This modeling company collapsed after she couldn’t afford to pay rent for the office complex. According to Linda, “I gave up on the office (Black Dove Communications) in 2010 when I couldn’t afford the rent anymore and moved my business back home. About a year later, the blogging I started in 2006 changed my life.” This is an inspirational comment which shows how determination to succeed in life cannot be truncated by a few failures. Linda’s life and entrepreneurship story is a source of inspiration to many young Nigerians.

FM&B Magazine

Linda also established a magazine called FM&B in 2006 and the first edition was also released that same year. After struggling with both businesses, she decided to give up on them. Her magazine business failed after only three editions were published. She could not get adverts to sustain the business and she could not survive the time consuming and capital intensive nature of the project.

Linda Ikeji Music

Linda made an attempt to launch herself in the music industry but this did not work as planned. She launched a music platform known as LindaIkejiMusic on 21 November 2016. The platform became dormant three months after the Launch. This was of her few unsuccessful startups.


Linda took up a side hustle as a bartender while struggling to take care of herself. This was one of the hustles she took up after her secondary education at the age of 17, when she began the life of hustling that also saw her ending up a successful blogger.


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Linda was once a waitress. This was also a side hustle while seeing herself after her secondary education. She didn’t want to stay idle or live in self pity so she had to do some menial jobs among which are jobs as a waitress and bartender, at different points. These are not businesses she started and failed in but side hustles that have become part of her success story.


Linda tried out modeling for a short while as part of the side hustles she did before becoming a great blogger. She probably knew modeling was not part of her bigger plans so she didn’t pay much attention to this hustle.


Linda is one of the biggest names in Africa’s blogging industry. But the journey was not that smooth. It all started in 2006 as a hobby using blogger.com with her blog name as lindaikeji.blogspot.com. This was a time when the internet was not as prominent and widely accepted as it is today. Linda started blogging when many did not give such business a chance and the most interesting aspect of this story is that she used to upload stories on her blog from a cybercafe. At that time she still took blogging as a hobby, without any major goals or big dreams of become wealthy through this business. “When I was growing up, blogging was never the plan, I wanted to be a TV journalist, a presenter or producer,” she told FORBES AFRICA. Linda blogged for many years before she even made any money from it. It was actually in 2011, after about five years of blogging that she started earning income that changed her life. She later obtained lindaikejisblog.com that is viral today. Today, Linda is a celebrity blogger who is considered to be one of the most successful bloggers not just in Africa, but across the globe.

Linda has sustained her blog since 2006 when she first launched it. Evolving and captivating contents, including cutting-edge breaking exclusives, have kept millions of people visiting the blog on a daily basis from various parts of the world. Linda has continued to exhibit one of the attitudes of successful people which is the ability to remain true to a particular course until it yields result. They don’t run away or abandon a dream after a few failures. Linda has reflected this attitude a great deal on the way she has handled her blog. She has also added other very successful businesses to her blog. They include Linda Ikeji Social (a social media platform which was launched on the 1st of November 2016 with the domain name lindaikejisocial.com.), Linda Ikeji TV (also called LiTV is a TV Network which was launched on June 9th 2018), and Online Radio Station.

Linda is a huge brand in the entrepreneurship sector in Africa and beyond. What many see today is a successful woman whose blog fetches her millions everyday but they do not know about the rough route she took to the top. Her story is an inspiration to many upcoming entrepreneurs in Africa. Linda is a model and a source of encouragement to many young Nigerians especially in view of the country’s discouraging entrepreneurship atmosphere with little enabling environment for success.




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